New Keds and Kickers – YAY!

A few nights after posting this, I went out with Jan and looked around for shoes. I ended up with a new Keds that was on sale.

Keds 2011-0301 001

The following week, the ♥ and I went out to look for flats especially when that new Keds wounded the back of my feet. DX I showed him a bunch of Kickers shoes that Jan and I found during our shoe hunt. He liked this style and chose the color.

Kickers 2011-0301 001

I wanted it in red, but he said I already have a pair of red shoes and the color doesn’t match my office attire. This was supposed to be bought on the last payday of the month of February. Yet it became an emergency purchase because the pair I wore then broke on me.

Keds 2011-0301 002

Kickers 2011-0301 002

Time is so slow today. I want it to be lunch time already because I brought sushi. 😀

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