Toys and Figures

New gashapons and display cases (my Legos and Yotsuba are displayed on my shelf!)

Toy Kingdom in SM Makati has a LOT Of gashapon. Friend Ry and I checked (only half of them because I found out after a week or so there was another row of gashapon machines at the store’s other entrance/exit) and I bought two:

Right: Gintama
Left: Christmas To-Fu Oyako

To-Fu Oyako still looking glum in spite being Christmas-themed.

The others are smiling though. 🙂

I did not have a lucky hand with the To-Fu Oyako gashapon machine because I did not get what I want which is the bones/skeleton. But with the Gintama gashapon… 😀


Any of them would have been fine with me actually except Kagura’s brother whose name I forget, yet Gintoki would be my most preferred.

The rest in this Gintama gashapon collection.

Close-up to see what Kagura’s holding — A Sadaharu ice cream sandwich

Deciding if I should get the rest of the Gintama set or the To-Fu Oyako… But I still have more (and new) toys to unbox. D:

Tonight, since I got stranded because of the rain and I did not have an umbrella with me, I went to Walter Mart Makati. As I waited for the rain to let up, I looked for display cases and a new container for Lego parts.

With the limited space on my bookshelves, I only bought three cases.

Joiz, I have Spidey’s top right this time. XD

And the ever adorable Yotsuba ♥ 😀

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