New Eastpak bag and Suck UK stylus

Two buys last month — An Eastpak duffel/luggage bag and a stylus for my Apple mobile gadgets.

I got the Eastpak luggage in a discounted price and I love it. πŸ˜€ I use it sometimes for work so I can just throw in whatever I need with no worries of whether those I need would fit. It even adds to my ‘workout’ when I have to walk home.

Pencil stylus

The stylus is a bit expensive, but it doesn’t go for more than a thousand pesos like those in the Apple stores. On the packaging of the stylus, it says that it works better on devices without screen protectors. Since I sometimes don’t handle my gadgets properly, a screen protector is a must for me. Well, the stylus just works fine anyway.

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