Nervous singer

I’m supposed to blog the second part of Dinners and beer, but I changed my mind. XD Before the main point of this blog post, I dunno if the dog’s been found, but in case not — Help Find KETCHUP.

I went through my Santana mp3s. Hearing this song again brought back a lot of memories:

Tell me just what you want me to be
One kiss, and boom you’re the only one for me

Those are memories totally unrelated to the meaning of the song, btw. :3 One of them is the time I had to sing that song in front of prolly more than a hundred people in a hotel. *lol* I drank glasses of red and sparkling wine and cans of Heineken. Relatives forced me to sing because they expected that I can sing like some diva just because I was in a band. D: I was given a piece of paper to be forwarded to the DJ. The artist and song title written on it had to be filled up, so I put The Gmae of Love by Santana/Michelle Branch.

Minutes later, the DJ announced the song. Then he said, “To be sung by SANTANA.” WTMF!?!? *facepalms* Everyone seemed too drunk or occupied to hear the mistake. Anyway, I went to the front, grinned like an idiot while I held the hand of my Aunt/Ninang. I told her to accompany me because I didn’t want to stand in front alone. I sang before, but with a band or a guitarist. Just not alone really. :/ It was frightening. Fortunately, I was able to sing it properly in spite of the drinks I had.

Tita Lily Ann and Shabby
Diva! *rofl*

That was a funny, but memorable experience. XD;

A lot of my friends thought I was the one who got married especially after they saw this picture:

I got emails and messages in Friendster from ‘disappointed’ friends because I didn’t invite them. >_>;;;


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