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NARS Liquid Blush Orgasm

The moment NARS Liquid Blush became available in the official website, I (with other ladies) instantly ordered. πŸ˜€


The liquid blush comes in a small, glass bottle that’s solidly built; it could possibly withstand a drop. It has a pump that is easy to clean and its cap has that rubber feel–a signature of NARS. i think that detail is important to some because the rubber can easily become dirty or sticky although I haven’t experienced the latter.

Formula, Finish, Longevity

The blush is scentless as far as I can tell. Its consistency is runny, so it can be a little problematic when needing only a tiny amount and application method like how some would pump on the preferred tool (brush or sponge) or straight on their face. On a positive note, its consistency makes it very easy to blend without drying fast.

Pigmentation is win. In my swatch below, you will notice that a single pump on the back of my hand is actually a lot for two cheeks. πŸ˜†

The finish is unlike the powder version. It’s not that shimmery, but I find it gives the cheeks a nice glow. It lasts more than my work hours (8 to 10 hours), which is great since I have very oily skin.


NARS Liquid Blush Orgasm 20170826_144853

NARS Liquid Blush Orgasm 20170826_144932


NARS Liquid Blush Orgasm gives a radiant glow and lasts very long time even on my oily skin. Blush users/lovers/collectors will have no regrets with this. πŸ™‚

Without Orgasm *snickers*

With Orgasm

I seem to have accidentally deleted the photo of me facing front with the blush on. I hope you can still see the difference in the photo above though.


NARS Liquid Blush comes in different shades–Torrid, Luster, and Dolce Vita. At the moment, the liquid blush isnt available in stores. You may order from Sephora, Ulta, or at the official website.

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