My Pink Bow Cafe

Once upon a time (that’s December last year), a cafe opened in our neighborhood. That cafe was called My Pink Bow Cafe and it was all pink as it was themed after Hello Kitty.

20141201_111228 My Pink Bow Cafe

20141201_111137 My Pink Bow Cafe

20141201_111311 My Pink Bow Cafe

20141201_111320 My Pink Bow Cafe

The cafe was promising. Elementary and high school students from the neighborhood schools would drop by often after classes. Sometimes it would be packed. I tried the place once and I could say it had potential if the people who ran it were serious with their business. I only got to try one cold drink and it could have been better — Like with more sugar or sweetener (and this coming from someone who’s not a fan of sugar in caffeinated drinks). I also tried a cupcake which was a little dry. They had a great start, but they weren’t able to sustain the business. I hope another cafe opens soon that’s nearby and would be a nice place to hang out. πŸ™‚

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