How was everyone’s New Year’s Eve celebration?

I know this is late, but I just got around to going through NYE pictures. Even my New Year’s greeting to relatives were sent in late. (Sorry!) Anyway, my celebration was just spent at home with another feast. I didn’t cook anything this time because I was hooked into movies and *toot*. 😛

NYE dinner. I had too much potatoes... For healthier babies. LOLOL Chicken with veggies, NYE dinner #foodporn

The drinks we had besides wine:

NYE beer

No fireworks or firecrackers again for us this year because we didn’t need to. We had a good show from our rooftop.

NYE Fireworks

We are already nearing mid-January. I must say, things lately has been beyond words and what I expected. I’m very grateful for all the awesomeness and ♥. 😀 I hope things are the same for you, dear readers.

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