My new gaming toy

Held off showing this for more than a month. 🙂

My pink/white new handheld :D #3DSXL #iPhone

I patiently waited for a good deal on a color I prefer. Luckily, the waiting once again has pulled off as I found this Pink/White 3DS XL. 😀

I really didn’t plan on buying in the US, but I thought I should check if there are any pre-owned or refurbished. I would settle with any color as long as it was cheap. All the Game Stop stores I went to were out of those. They aren’t even available for online order either. Then when I visited Wheaton Plaza and saw a Game Stop store there, I finally decided to just get a brand new 3DS XL and they had this Pink/White 3DS XL.

Nintendo 3DS XL 001

I kind of hoped my credit card would be declined, but BPI is so generous that they still granted this purchase. LOL I was like “NOOooooooooo~~~~” and the sales guy smiled and me and said he knew how I felt. He also told me that most of his pay check goes back to the store. ^^;;;

Nintendo 3DS XL 002

Manual and AR cards

Nintendo 3DS XL 003

3DS XL and adapter

The 110 adapter is made in the Philippines. Surprise! Couldn’t they make it auto-volt??

Nintendo 3DS XL 004

Initial setup — Select a language

A 4GB micro SD card comes with the handheld. It’s already inserted, so I have no idea what brand it is. I also got a Fire Emblem Awakening game with it. I wanted a pre-owned. But they didn’t have any nor even a brand new. It wasn’t even available in Target next to the Game Stop. The sales guy suggested I get the digital copy instead. It’s even tax free. Getting it tax free is already a good deal to me.

I’m having a lot of fun with the 3DS XL so far. The screen is bigger, brighter, and clearer. I wish I can play my DS homebrews with it. There are loading carts for the 3DS, but only for older firmwares. Mine’s the latest and it even updated so I could access the settings. So even if I attempted to not update the firmware just for the loading cart, I may not be able to use some of the 3DS XL’s functions. :/ Well, I don’t mind anyway as I can still use my DS for homebrew. I also don’t mind paying for original games. At least that way I can focus on finishing a game before I can afford to buy another. 😛

I haven’t played around with it for too long to determine how long I can use it straight without charging. I do know that I can leave it on standby for more than a day.

Hmm… What shall I name this toy?

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