My first time to visit a library in the US

I know I said that the next on my current travelog series would be about Great Falls Park. I only have few pictures from this short side-trip and I want to show this to my book-lovin’ friends especially Kat. πŸ˜€

Dad’s colleague drove me to a local library in Chevy Chase. She offered to after she saw me looking at books in World Bank’s Info Shop. She told me not to get anything yet until I see their local library since it has a book sale section.

Beside the library; this season’s not the best to be out there to read


Tiny way to the book sale


Lots of lots of books to choose from; sorted alphabetically by author.

They have a bowl of dark chocolate Kisses served on the center table. πŸ™‚ There weren’t anyone else looking because it was still (a Friday) afternoon, so it was easy to browse the shelves. This section is on the second floor and there are still some books for sale in their ground floor.

On weekends, the books that range from $2 to $4 are half off. It was still a Friday then, but we can still get a single book at half the price since my dad’s colleague is a volunteer seller there. πŸ˜€ She gave me a Haruki Murakami book which I think is hard to find in book sales plus Paulo Coelho titles I don’t have yet. I would have gotten more but I had to think about my luggage. Then I was told that the books I want and will request could be pouched to Manila at no extra cost. Yay!


They call the park “Chevy Chase Commons”

I need to dedicate my shelves at home to only books and get another case or shelves for others like journals and magazines.

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