My birthmonth, my birthday

Last year, on my birthday, I remember waking up early inspired and motivated. Today was a bit different. I did wake up early, but my eyes were still heavy and tired. So I went back to sleep. Dad woke me up probably an hour after to ask if I would ride with him to work. Since I planned a “birthday leave” today, I said no and slept again. Then I woke up around 11AM. I still felt out of it, but I thought I should go online, get myself motivated, and say thanks to everyone who greeted and remembered my birthday (because I checked my email while still in bed and received a lot of notifications).

Just like in my previous birthdays, here’s my wish list:

  • McDonald’s-Coca Cola Glass in Charcoal — so I can finally complete my collection 🙂
  • Cellphone charms
  • Marlboro black or the classic red
  • Black Stone cigar \m/
  • Lighter/s — Needed for the cigs, right? *lol*
  • 35mm or 120 films for my toys. I like slide films, but color negatives are okay with me. 😛
  • Any One Piece merchandise!
  • Guitar picks

I read my post last year and, wow, I have the same feeling as then. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Now to say thanks to the wonderful people from online and offline. 😀

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