Mum’s birthday and a busy, relaxing Sunday

I destroyed my brush this morning.

Broken Brush

Where the strength came from, I dunno. 😐

I skipped work last Friday because I didn’t get any sleep. Larry, Keysi, and Marsha could vouch for that. Sandman only came by 6AM. =_= I don’t think I could get myself to go to work like a floating zombie, so I had to skip and sleep in for only a few hours due to a report to be submitted to the boss. Anyway, that Friday was my Mum’s birthday. 🙂 So we had our usual celebratory dinner. Dinner was at The Red Crab Greenbelt 3 which was suggested by my brother instead of Yakimix or Chili’s. Man, the line at Yakimix was crazy. The girl before me was the 36th in line. I left right away then. At Chili’s, we had to wait for 20 minutes. The Red Crab was suggested by my brother. It was a great suggestion though. 🙂 Review of the restaurant and food are to follow because I have yet to transfer the pics from my Dad’s GF1. Yes, he has a GF1 already. ~_~

Later that night, my Mum gave me and Marsha money as her birthday treat. She said that we try the diner that opened business in one of our commercial units. I was still full from dinner, so I had dessert instead.

Street Diner 2010-1203 001
Street Lava Cake

Marsha had nachos and carbonara.

Street Diner 2010-1203 003

Street Diner 2010-1203 002

The name of the diner is Street Diner. The Street Lava Cake, which is a chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream, was so filling and it wasn’t that sweet. The carbonara serving may seem small, but Marsha said it was tasty and delicious. Same with the nachos. Food prices range from PhP88 to PhP250 as far as I remember. A lot of people eat there which shows how good their food is. Everything is freshly made and they serve quite fast. They offer catering services as well. Marsha and I recommend trying them out. 🙂

Then come Sunday, Jan and I met up to go to the Karl Edwards Bazaar. We ended up buying more than intended (like just picking up Jan’s NYX lipsticks and blush reservation). Here’s my loot:

Bazaar Loot 001
NYX lipsticks and lipgloss and a hat

Bazaar Loot 002
Better look of the hat
I look cute in it. WAHAHAHAHAHA~ XD;

The NYX lip items will be reviewed soon (I hope) in the beauty blog. 🙂 As for the hat, well, this is the only camwhore picture I have yet with it on:

Kabisera with Jan [2010-1205_1538]
With Jan and her new hat

Marsha and I walked Marie later in the afternoon. That was the first time we walked a dog together. Hihi~ 😀 Then we had a massage at the The Lotus, Somerset branch. That was the first time I’ve tried a different massage other than the Shiatsu and Swedish. That was a unique and great experience. I’ll definitely make a separate post on our visit there because they deserve it.

That’s how my weekend went. Now I’m off to a meeting. My apologies, btw, on the quality of the pictures.


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