More than just cars at Henry Ford Museum [Part 2 of 2]

Last installment of my Henry Ford Museum post. 🙂 Warning for those with slow intarwebz: This post is picture heavy!

What do you think is a “pasteup book”?

At the time I visited the museum, the Automobile in American Life exhibit was under construction. Too bad. There was alsio The Wizard of Oz exhibit which was open for a limited time only. Tsk~ Toto! Dorothy!

I’d like to have one and put it in the penthouse.

Aside from teleporting to far far country, Idk how else you can save yourself.

“Miracle drug”

Hassle-free pet

Snoopy and Woodstock! 😀

This was expensive back then for my ‘rents to get for me.

Funny how they always had huge boxes for the small disks back then.

MTV was one of my favorite channels when I was in Holland.

This was fun. XD; There were several videos to choose from & I chose Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing.

Hello, old iMac!

I still have my PS1. :3


Shotguns \m/

More shotguns

Did you watch this cartoon series?

Spaceships and aliens and everything else sci-fi became the hype

Old comics

They were so cheap

Books sold at Henry Ford Museum Store

They were also selling shutter shades. Idk why.

I have taken more pictures and I’ll just post them when I find them. I remember I have pictures of the Kennedy Limousine. Yes, that limo which JFK rode when he was shot. I also have those of airplanes, trains and rails, dollhouses, and agriculture machinery and equipment. I really need to look for those.

When you visit MI, make sure to include the Henry Ford Museum in your itinerary (next would be the Renaissance Festival). People who find museums boring will enjoy this one. 🙂 Again, Henry Ford Museum is located at Dearborn, MI. Museum entrance fees range from $12.50 to $17 per person. Members get in for free. The museum also has a cellphone tour with stories on Henry Ford’s passion for collecting, but is available only on select artifacts. For more information, please see the Henry Ford Museum website —

Damn! They have a Lego Architecture: Towering Ambition going on now until Feb. 2013. X( Time to book a flight. lolol

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