More than just cars at Henry Ford Museum [Part 1 of 2]

There are lots of cool and awesomeness in the Henry Ford Museum that I didn’t expect. Being that it _is_ Henry Ford, I expected only automobiles. But, well, it’s more than that. There are also exhibitions on agriculture, home lifestyle, and history on the freedom movement among others. My favorite would be “Your Place in Time” where items from 1940s/1950s (later or earlier, I forget) are chronologically displayed showing the culture of each decade until the present. I liked the 80s to 90s part because you would see how music, games, and movies became part of the daily lives of the American people (and probably those they influenced) and how they improved through the decades.

The museum allows photography (the 12-acre museum has free wifi too!). I’m glad to be able to show bits of what’s inside.

Old McDonald’s and A&W signs

What a sweet dog. 😀

“These mentors all had a good idea, but only few managed controlled, powered flight.”

Several fail before they got it right.

Last one looks like FF aircraft ancestor. XD;

KKK manual

The Ku Klux Klan white robe with hat. Scary T_T

Not only were the colored segregated from whites, they also had their own utilities.

Restored Rosa Parks Bus


There are some I want for display.

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Ol’ Listerine


If you can’t make love at home…

They already had hair removers way back. It looks like toothpaste.

Old issue of Popular Mechanics. I didn’t the magazine has been running since decades ago.

They should put more cameras in the museum

Jiminy Cricket! I forgot when was the last time I saw him.

Are there still paper dolls? Or kids play with just gadgets nowadays?

Hollywood gossip mags?

Maybelline ad

1950s fashion

The second part of this museum post will be up soon. There are about 94 photos in total, from my phone that is, and this is just half of it. Please look forward to the next as there will be cooler stuff to see like Star Wars, guns, Snoopy (because I ♥ this dog to bits!), & comics. ^^

Henry Ford Museum is located at Dearborn, MI. It is open everyday from 9:30AM to 5PM with variety of exhibits some of which are open for a limited time only. Folks living in MI but haven’t been to the museum and want to go there may want to view this page for directions.

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