More site updates and on those very devoted HyukTa.net guests

I did more updates in the website. You would have noticed if you are viewing in desktop mode. I’m in a bit of a roll because I missed doing this. I am also learning CSS3 in the process of updating. Almost everything I want in my layout can now be done easier than before and even more with just it. I am thinking of returning the theme switcher, but I have to finalize this theme first.

  • The search results page looks better now.
  • The unnecessary spacing between list items are fixed.
  • Links to social media I have accounts in and frequent have been added on the sidebar.
  • The search form on the sidebar were updated to match the theme.
  • Sharing options to Tumblr and Pocket in posts have been added.
  • You can now use your WordPress, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook accounts when you want to leave comments.

Since the last site update, I had an insane 350 visits in ONE day. Returning the linked tags and mobile theme has to be regarded for it. The probability of my website to be included in search results of search engines has increased. There’s more for webcrawlers to access. People often on the go and on their mobile phones are added viewers. They can even browse my site better.

For my blog to have many visits and in a day even is great! Yet there are instances it is not so and it applies to that 350 visits. I know my blog is for anyone to read. But I do not find it normal to browse and search through it almost every day for hours. Even looking at posts repeatedly. My blog (nor of others) are not for such harassment or stalking. I used to not care and would post whatever I want or comes to mind. Well, I was mindful. (Mr. Gosling prefers that I do not share too much of our escapades; better if I don’t :P). I began to fully care because of the ‘blog harassment’ and when comments on supposedly private matters were posted (there’s a thing called email, fyi).

I had to do countermeasures. That explains why I had to remove the tags pages. The mobile layout was not available for this theme because, even if I could have just revised that from the previous one, it only loads in iOS.

Anyway, my blog’s hits were drastically affected, but at least the harassment lessened and spamdexing reduced. Though I know there are better solutions for the latter.

I felt so restricted with my own blog. Now that I try to put everything as they were, well, you should get what that 350 visits in one day means. I could ignore it. For now, I guess. People have too much time. Well, whoever you are, thank you so much for the attention you’re giving my blog. πŸ˜‰


  • Kat

    It certainly looks better now. I like the icons that you added on the side for the social media. Remind me that I have to take some time soon to fix my own blog. πŸ˜›

    Re: unusual number of visits. Kakaiba yun ha. As we’re both personal bloggers and not pro-bloggers, getting a hundred visits in a day is already huge. 350+ is monumental. Glad WordPress has plenty of tools that allow you to keep track of where this is all coming from. I like the feature that shows where (both geographical location and IP address) the visitor is from, and even shows what browser or device is being used. It may seem like a privacy issue for some, but since you’re not making it public it’s not really a problem for anyone. It’s good for you (or should I say, us who have blogs) to keep your site protected. After all, we are spending for it. Haha, I’m rambling.

    What tools do you use? I like Jetpack, but I also combine it with Google Analytics. There’s a plugin I want to try called Wassup Realtime Stats that record visits as they come and not on an hourly or daily basis.

    • Shabby

      There’s another I want to include in this template. Also, I should clean more the css stylesheet. Yeah, you should fix your blog soon. I was surprised with the narrow entry column. XD

      Having traffic stat scripts is a huge help — I know what my browsers my visitors use (surprisingly, there are many Chrome users which means I have to check how my site looks in it), where most guests come from like what country or website, the popular search keywords, and the recent activity in the blog — That’s to name a few. Besides that the stats help with layout and content, it also does with privacy. Like what I mentioned in the blog post.

      I use StatCounter. I’ve been using their service before they had a WP plugin. Free accounts have limitations, but the free perks are enough for personal blogs like ours. I use Jetpack too, but it’s not as detailed as StatCounter. There’s also Google Webmaster Tools. Do you use that? It’s not a traffic stats site, but it sends updates on the status of your website like if it’s inaccessible, or the WordPress needs updating, or the site is vulnerable to spambots. Subdomains even included. That tool updates me more than my server does when there’s an outage.

      Oh, thanks for mentioning Google Analytics. I gave it a look (surprise, Glam Love is in my account!) and I should add my domain. 8)

      • Kat

        I used to have StatCounter, but since I started using Analytics I let that slide. I think SC allows up to 100 days of data lang? Or 100 visits? I can’t remember.

        I used to very diligent in keeping track of visits. It was fun, lalo na kung yung mga tools na gamit mo eh sobrang advanced at kaya niya i-track specifically kung sino yung tao na visitor. Like names and email address ha, based on the IP of the user. If it’s someone I know I would email them and say “Oi, ano hinahanap mo sa blog ko ha?” If it’s not a questionable activity I let is slide.

        Funny you should mention keywords. Sometimes I wonder about the search terms that lead to my blog. Minsan naman I wonder about the number of visitors on certain posts, specially the private or password protected posts. I have yet to find tool that would tell me if there were any attempts to get the password for those posts, but if you find one, let me know.

        Like we said before, any spike in activity on our blogs is automatically suspicious, since we purposely do not post really private stuff.

        • Shabby

          Just a few months worth of tracking. As for visits, not 100, because you see I just had the 350 and more visits from other IPs.

          So far, I haven’t seen my friends do any questionable activity in my blog. It would be better if they just talk to me personally instead of making it hard for themselves by stalking my blog. LOLOL

          Doesn’t Jetpack show you the search keywords/terms that you get hits from? I used to check mine often (now it’s just the recent visits or activity) and it was always yaoi, yuri, Kpop (because I used be a huge fan), some fan pairing, or Leah Dizon ♥. I always get visits from Greece and all of them have a common search term. It makes me want to remove the page result.

          I don’t know any script that would tell you of any invalid attempts in accessing a password-protected post. But I think numerous hits of a single protected entry/page may be a hint.

  • Kat

    Yeah, Jetpack does that, but before the WP stats were very basic so I went with Analytics.

    I remember Roch talking about those search results and hits on password protected posts. What she did was she posted a question, the answer of which was the password. She saw quite a lot of people searching for the question itself which eventually let to her site. I don’t think people are aware that there are tools that show their activities online, and these are tools which people (like website or blog owners like ourselves) use. Like I said, kita din pati what part of the world they are from, what browser and I think even what computer. Big Brother nga, but if you don’t exploit it I guess it’s ok.

    Ngayon I’m sure kita mo from where I’m browsing and what device I’m using. And that’s just from one visit. Pano pa kaya kung yung mga repeat visitors? Mas madaling i-track hehe.

    • Shabby

      Many people are still unaware of site tracking even if some of them may own websites. Basta may website at makahanap ng matinong layout, oks na. It is actually good tracking exists because I would know what to post and which audience to target. Since I used to blog yaoi and gravure here, searches to my site were mostly about those or are R18. I moved those entries to my other site being they’re most suited there. Now my blog is PG or PG-13. LOL Ibang usapan kung exploited.

      Madali nga ma-track and it’s no guessing game even when they start searching in my website for something ‘very specific.’

  • Joiz

    OHAI. I haven’t had a chance to read ze comments yet so I’m just responding to the OP.
    1. I <3 CCS3! (well, I should because it comes with the territory, but I do, I really do lol, just saying)
    2. I sometimes read your blog on Chrome (I'm viewing it now on FF) and can see a very weird missing image on top (which I don't see on FF)
    3. I'd understand if Ryan doesn't want your escapades with him to be in the know of everyone in the whole innarwebz, with the paparazzo and all.
    4. I like the small but effective changes on the site. The icons to the social networks!
    5. 350+ visits a day for a personal blog? Put a page full of ads dedicated for the particular ISP! Mapagkakitaan na yan lol $_$

    • Shabby

      1. I only heard of it recently when I started fixing/cleaning my themes.
      2. I was forced to install Chrome and I did see that broken image icon. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any image there except the SNS icons. I will look into that next time. Not a priority for me because I don’t use Chrome. πŸ˜›
      3. There’s no need to blog about him when he has the paparazzo anyways. :/
      4. Dude, I have another visitor. More than an hour of visit too. Ugh~

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