More lace

… Because I will never get enough.

Dress + shoes = like!

It's the bra
It’s the peeping bralala~

Another bralala~
This is Elsa Hosk by Gemma Booth. I don’t know her,
but I like her undies. 😛

I have a similar knitted sweater. Hmm, that just gave me an idea. >)

Coco dress
The “Coco” by Amsale

If I was a fan of big weddings and wanted one, that would be one of my wedding dress options. 😛 How about the dress below? Would someone as big as me look good in it? O_o Easy access to bewbies though.

that one-piece and makeup
Like the one-piece and makeup!

Here’s the last one for now:


Is that Kirsten Dunst? That’s not a very clear picture of the dress she has on, but I can tell it’s a pretty one. 🙂 The shoes seem pretty even. Such a tease the picture is.

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