Missing the bass guitar tonight

Weapon of choice. Damn heavy bass

I want to practice playing the bass guitar as a way to vent out my anger because of the morning occurrences. The day started crappy, but it got better thanks to very hospitable and nice folks accommodating me in this trip. Full details next time.

Anyway, I’ve been learning a few easy songs such as Fastball’s The Way and Blondie’s Call Me. I would have it easy if all songs’ bass are as easy as the latter. XD The songs that are a bit challenging for me are Catatonia’s Dead from the Waist Down and _the song I want to dedicate to RDJ_. Dead From the Waist Down confused me at first, but I figured it out faster than I thought I could.

I’m getting there, but I must thrive! 😀 I need to practice as frequently as I can so I will never forget the bass lines (if that’s what they’re called). Guitar chords are way easier to remember than bass’ imo. Here’s to hoping I would end up slapping the bass good… Like her, who makes me want to weep at myself:

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