Minmei, Lomography Ringflash, and three policemen

I ♥ my toys a lot that they get shoots of their own. XD; Lemme start with my latest acquisition, the Lomography Ringflash:

Lomography Ringflash 004

Someone was selling his for a good price that even though my budget’s gonna be affected, I still went ahead and purchased. And that was a few days after I borrowed Marco’s Lomography Ringflash. 😛

Lomography Ringflash 001

Lomography Ringflash 002-003

Lomography Ringflash 005

Top view; you can see where the batteries are put

Lomography Ringflash 006 Lomography Ringflash 007

Adapters for the Holga, Fisheye, Fisheye No. 2, Diana, LC-A, & LC-A+

Lomography Ringflash 008

Solid color diffuser rings and multiple color gels

Lomography Ringflash 009

Book, manual, & warranty form (which I think I can’t use anymore)

I have tried Marco’s first with my Fisheye No. 2. Since I got myself one and a complete set at that, I am now able to use it with my LC-A+. Using this really gets attention based on experience at the ToyCon. 🙂

Next is my very special pink Fisheye No. 2.

Pink Fisheye No. 2 001

We named it Minmei 😀

I was so excited to use Minmei that I used it with its free redscale film on nighttime. Most of the pictures turned out too dark except for the ‘special’ ones. Haha~ XD;

Pink Fisheye No. 2 002

Where did the camera go? D:

Pink Fisheye No. 2 003

Manual, book, cheapo batteries (purchased separately), & the free redscale films

as part of their Valentine’s Day promo

Pink Fisheye No. 2 004

Pink Fisheye No. 2 005

Pink Fisheye No. 2 006 Pink Fisheye No. 2 007

Minmei is my most favorite camera because it was a gift, it’s pink, and it really gets attention during car shows. LOL One thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t use my Colorsplash Flash with it. So, there. Both were purchased this year. I still have a lot more toys to take pictures of like my Revoltech Iron Man MkVI and Pinky:st.xKuromi.

And, just want to share this…

We planned to watch Transformers 3 two Mondays ago. All the theaters were full, so we ended up with dinner at McD’s. It was very disappointing not being able to see the movie, but the dinner and the open conversation we had made up for it.

The family called up around 9PM to ask if I wanted to join them for coffee. I could join them since we couldn’t stay long, but I still had to wait for them to decide which Starbucks to go to. It was already 9:15PM and I still haven’t heard from the folks, so I asked to be accompanied to Greenbelt 3. We had a stick before I was left there. I ‘people-watched’ and played Tiny Tower while I waited. Three policemen sat near me then stood up to leave a few minutes later. One of them told me I should leave as well because it’s raining. But it wasn’t & I told them that. They stood there and tried to feel for raindrops. They laughed at themselves when they realized they were wrong. Then they sat at my other side and started a conversation with me. The first that crossed my mind was I wouldn’t be able to smoke. LOL We talked for about 40 minutes. Here’s some of what I remember from our conversation:

  • They asked where I was studying. When I told them I have graduated from school for years already, they were surprised because I look between 21 to 23 years old to them. I keep getting that. XD (#feelingera) One of them said it’s because of my attire.

  • We talked about work. I didn’t realize at first that they’re Makati Police. They said they’re stationed near the old building. I told them I was at the 18th floor. So far, they didn’t try to look for me. XD;

  • One of them shared part of his college life. He said his first course was Civil Engineering, but he switched courses when the math became too hard for him. Then he switched again until he joined the police. All of them are just two years in the field.

  • They asked several times who I was really waiting for when I already told them I was waiting for my brother. Well, that’s a bit of a lie because it wasn’t only him. They told me that maybe I was really waiting for my boyfriend. 😐

  • Everyday there’s always a lot of people concentrated around Starbucks, Cafe Havana (no doubt), Seattle’s Best, and a few of the restaurants around that area. Even until late. By past 10, that’s where they usually keep guard on. They said it’s really safe there. The only ones who make a commotion are the girls “on duty.” We all know what that means, right? They said sometimes there’s hair pulling involved.

I left them as soon as I received a message from my Dad that they got me a cold drink. (Pfft. I still ended up being late to meet them.) I thought I can commit a crime in Greenbelt 3 without getting into trouble. LULz~ Of course that is a joke. XD;

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