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MIBF and The Best of Anime 2015

Last night I wanted to blog, but I got hit with another big headache and dizziness beofre The Scorch Trials movie ended. Yes, we watched The Scorch Trials last night partly “sponsored” by Fisher Mall Cinema. I find the movie would be more enjoyable for me if it weren’t for Teresa who reminded me so much of Bella (from Twilight) with her lack of facial expressions and Thomas who would stare long enough at incoming trouble that he makes me want to shout ‘just run, dammit!’ The movie seems like a mash up of The Walking Dead, Mad Max, and I Am Legend. The surprise and suspense elements are good though. The movie had me jumping from my seat several times. Anyway, we came home at a not so late time since we made it to the train station before the last trip. But that I felt sick probably from the traffic and pollution, I had to go to bed early.

20150919_120350 Manila International Book Fair

MIBF was from September 16 to 20, 2015. I’m glad there were still enough good books. I bought a few. Purchases I’m happy with. I’ll post them soon. I made a video including some clips from The Best of Anime 2015 since a friend wanted to go see what was happening there.

20150919_120847 Manila International Book Fair

20150919_123428 Manila International Book Fair

20150919_124348 Manila International Book Fair

20150919_132617 Manila International Book Fair

20150919_132858 Manila International Book Fair

And some photos from The Best of Anime 2015:

20150919_144233 The Best of Anime

20150919_144315 The Best of Anime

20150919_144344 The Best of Anime

20150919_144555 The Best of Anime

20150919_153418 Bus

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