Metro Manila tour

Yesterday’s a good day. ^_^ College friends contacted me to catch up on stuff. Wally, who’s also an EnSE grad, called me up in the office to ask about the city’s creek/waterways profile and if I got back with the ex. I lol’d and told him no. When I asked him why, he said that I might still have some love for him. I answered, “Man, there’s no reason why I still should…” When there’s somebody who makes my heart do a triple beat and knees weak. GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA~

Jaja and I almost died due to the effin’ heat when we went out last Monday. It was the Makati City Grand Parade day, so we were allowed to go to work in casual. I went in jeans and polo shirt which I opened all its buttons without caring if people can see my bra or cleavage (as if). It was hot. ~_~ I would have gone in shorts if it was allowed. I was already in the office by 6:30AM yet Jaja and I didn’t leave until 11AM. Our original plan was to go to UST then to Ayala to watch the parade. But plan changed to going to UP first to get Jaja’s recommendation letter. Then to UST, Mapua, and Ayala for the parade. We rode almost every puv — jeep, MRT, cab, FX, and LRT. *lol* The cab we rode to UP was hell. It was already 36.5 degrees Celsius that day, but it was hotter in the damn cab. ~_~

We stayed the longest in UST. All the staff of the graduate school were off which was weird considering it was the deadline for the submission of application forms. The security guard wouldn’t accept Jaja’s application form because it’s her off the following day. She said there’s no assurance it will reach the staff. We can’t afford to miss work and it’s too tiring to go back, so we had to contact everyone we knew who might be able help us out. I hoped the trumpet player would. As usual, he’s m. i. a. Anyway, thanks to the good souls — Erick for giving Oliver’s number and Oliver for being ultimately nice — it was a load off our shoulders. XD; We dragged ourselves out in search of fastfood restaurants for very late lunch. We didn’t find ’em restos though until after we walked for almost half of the campus.

Since our next stop was Manila City Hall, I decided we pass by Mapua to get my yearbook. Best for me to (slowly) settle things there. I still have to get my diploma and the alumni ID. *lol* Last stop (for us both, that is) is Ayala. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get to watch the parade. We were so out of energy that getting out of the train’s hard. The security guard even had to help us without failing to give a sermon. ^_^V Before Jaja and I parted, we did some quick shopping in SM supermarket and Glorietta 5.

Terminator Salvation ticket and Ricky!!
Isn’t Ricky cute? HAHA~

My day doesn’t end there. I still had to go to Megamall for the premiere of Terminator Salvation. Good movie or not, it would be sad to cancel free movie. XD I felt shameless meeting up with Spanx because I looked wasted and reeked of pollution. Tsk, tsk. Sorry, Spanx! Anyway, I arrived just in time for the cocktails. The Star Trek cocktails was better since the food were from Italianni’s, Blizzard, and Pizza Hut. The cocktails of TS was sponsored by Padi’s Point that served half of a sandwich and an egg, few french fries, one piece uber small hotdog, and barbeque. Oh, and a small cup of iced tea. ~_~ It’s not like they have to serve to more than a thousand people. Oh well, free’s free. Who am I to complain? 😛 Movie ended before 10PM. I could still go home by MRT, but looking at how far it was almost made me cry. ^_^V The bus was another option yet was also far. So cab it was even though wallet’s already flat as a sheet of paper. *lol*

Inside the huge ticket
Big ticket is big XD;

I encountered some weird people that day. DX First was the pedicab driver who, Jaja said, called me a Katrina look-alike. ~_~ Second, the guy at the theater who looked, then stared, and smiled at me. It was creepy. Spanx was amused when I told him I don’t even know the guy. ^_^V Third was the cab driver. After paying him, he faced towards me and smiled like… Ugh. ~_~ It’s probably the polo shirt.

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