Metro Comic Con 2010

I wasn’t able to go to the Metro Comic Con this year because I had a meeting with LomoMatrix Manila on the Saturday and it rained really hard the following day. Also, those I was supposed to go with went on the Saturday. ^^;;; I don’t think I missed much. LOL Last year, I went with Joiz, Kat, Drew, Ryan, and Gilbz. We first had snacks at Teriyaki Boy as far as I remember? Then we walked the hallways of the upper floor where the Megatrade Halls are to take pictures of cosplayers. It has taken me more than a year to post these. ^^;;;

[singlepic id=453 h=400]


[singlepic id=454 h=400] [singlepic id=455 h=400]


[singlepic id=456 h=400]

[singlepic id=457 h=400]


[singlepic id=458 h=400]


[singlepic id=459 h=400]

Frozen yogurt

[singlepic id=460 h=400]

Optimus Prime doing a split!

I’m happy these kids posed for me even though I was using a camera probably most of them haven’t seen before. XD;

[singlepic id=463 h=400]

[singlepic id=464 h=400]

[singlepic id=465 h=400]

[singlepic id=466 h=400]

[singlepic id=467 h=400]

[singlepic id=472 h=400]

The highlight of that day was this:

Photo courtesy of Kat

My cameras get so much attention. 😀 View all the film shots here.

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