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Merry Christmas!

Late greetings to all! Better late than never as what my former bandmate told me. :3 I hope everyone had a good Christmas celebration. I did. 🙂 I thought it was going to be depressing. LOL

I have been to only one Christmas party, but it isn’t really a “party.” It’s only a simple lunch with videoke. Everyone from our small office was there. Even Marsha. The lunch was held at my boss’ home where we had trouble going to because of a damn cab driver. We were on convoy with the boss’ driver who drove slow because there was something wrong with the boss’ car. The cab driver wanted to go ahead though. Since the boss gave me directions, we told him it’s alright to go ahead as soon as we reach the area nearest to the boss. He wouldn’t listen to the directions, so we ended up lost and paid for a fare as if we went from Makati to Alabang. Motherfucker. My boss’ place is only in Taguig. ~_~ That’s not the first time I have encountered such. What’s up with these cab drivers?

OMX Christmas 2010-1223 001

OMX Christmas 2010-1223 002

OMX Christmas 2010-1223 003
There’s the boss! She got a high score. 🙂

OMX Christmas 2010-1223 004

I contributed a large Tupperware of potato salad that I’m glad the boss enjoyed. She thought Marsha made it. Hrhr~ Marsha and I did a song each before we left. I got a 71! 😀 That was already a very good score because it was tough to get more than 50 with the Magic Sing we used.

The Christmas celebration with the family was the usual — a big Noche Buena and a mass at San Beda to welcome Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2010 01
Family picture

Christmas 2010 02
San Beda Church

Christmas 2010 04
My huge fan that my brother brought to church

Christmas 2010 05
I used my Dad’s GF1 for these pictures. 😀

Christmas 2010 06
End of the mass

Christmas 2010 07

Christmas 2010 08

Christmas 2010 09

Christmas 2010 10
The brotha’

After the mass, we headed home to have more desserts and coffee then we opened gifts. I shamelessly admit that I haven’t bought anything for my parents yet. ^^;;; The gift I received from my parents are VS pannies and hankies (no, the hankies aren’t VS). Other gifts I received are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dororo cellphone charm from Joiz and a Keroro keychain from Kat and Ryan.

Keroro Goods Christmas 2010 Gifts
Thanks, you lovelies!

I thought I’d spend the rest of the 25th reading The Bell Jar or organizing my digital files in between naps. But Marsha and I pushed through with our plans and that made me happier. 😀 We beat Time Crisis 4 then had dinner at Italianni’s.

So that was my Christmas day. I’d like to say Merry Christmas to all again. 🙂 Before I end this post, here are some old scans from BTV’s January 2010 issue to give this post a more Christmas-y feel. LOL

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