I forgot to post my greetings. LOL! I could barely get the time to fully focus on blogging since I returned from my vacation. I couldn’t do my usual yearly Christmas file share. ^^;;; I only did short posts for you to see I haven’t really neglected the blog. Lots of activities and tasks have to be done and been made. There’s also my ♥ life. Hihi~ So, here’s nearly everything that’s kept me busy since the trip.

I nearly missed our office’s Christmas party! D:

OMX Christmas 20141211_140455

OMX Christmas 20141211_141221

I won bigas!

OMX Christmas 20141211_142904

And an electric stove! :))

I don’t think I have any photos where I don’t look cray-cray. Oh, I do have one with the boyfran since he went to our party too, but I’ll keep that for myself. 😀 I’m glad I didn’t miss all the food, dessert, and the cheap wine we had afterwards.

The weekend after Kota Kinabalu was Darsana. An Ingress event I shouldn’t and couldn’t miss. So this happened in front of Manila Cathedral where a wedding was going on and Manny Pacquaio was there. Probably ninong of the newlyweds.

Ingress Darsana PH 20141213_163405

Ingress Darsana PH 20141213_163405

I thought I would miss the event too. The flights offered to us were on the 17th or 18th when our flight back was supposed to be on the 8th. Crazy! Darsana was held last December 13. My first anomaly experience is so memorable. I charged to the game with an empty stomach. Before the second cluster started, rain poured so hard I was drenched to my undies. DX

The work week after that weekend was spent on resting since I had a day off from work, having my Japanese mid-terms, filing documents required for contract renewal, and searching for my future workplace. Ex-colleague also had his wedding that week (honestly, I don’t get December weddings). I’m glad to have witnessed and be part of his special day. 🙂

Jay Kalaw-Abbey Wedding 20141219_142614

I was able to cap the new portals.

Jay Kalaw-Abbey Wedding 20141219_152859

The only decent photo I have of the newlyweds

I had to skip the reception of the wedding being a violator of the dress code. LOLOL My ever dearest friend picked me up from the Church. We shopped gifts for our families and had dinner at my favorite restaurant Isshin with another ever dearest friend. The boyfran also followed. Fun tiemz~

Isshin 20141219_193203

I only have one photo to show. The ladies might prefer our photos to be kept in secret.

Saturday, the day after the Isshin dinner, the usual suspects met up once again for the yearly Christmas get-together.

Usual Suspects Christmas 20141220_202328

Usual Suspects Christmas 20141220_232021

Usual Suspects Christmas 20141220_231954

Usual Suspects Christmas 20141220_231930

Usual Suspects Christmas 20141220_231703

Usual Suspects Christmas 20141220_183954

My mascot for our Monopoly Deal game.

And on the last day of work for this year, the boyfran had their company Christmas party which I thought I wouldn’t be part of. 🙂

Solar Christmas Party 20141223_201338

V and a Slipknot member. lols

Shadows 20141222_202748

Shadows of the boyfrand and his colleagues practicing to Erasure

Solar Christmas Party 20141223_213644

Their performance. (Note 4’s camera is very nice, but when you max zoom… Picture looks shit.)

One time I left early from work so I could accompany my friend to Manila. (We passed by all the Darsana clusters. LOL!) I got a treat from my friend’s mom just for that.:D

Gardenia 20141221_163228

No more hungry nights. LOLOL

On Christmas, we had our usual Christmas eve dinner and had a two-hour mass at Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat.

Christmas 20141224_200445

Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat 20141224_222732 Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat 20141224_223811

Lights off, lights on

Christmas 20141225_002201

After mass dessert 😀

Last night I went out with Phoebe for din-dins and a quick pamper. Quick because we only needed to have our brows worked on. 😛 It was our typical girls night-out, but a rare occasion for us to be together right after Christmas. I ♥ my girl. 🙂

Andale 20141226_190333

Andale nachos and bottomless Mojito

So these are some of the gifts I received. Thank you, my loves! ♥

Christmas Gifts 20141222_024715

Picard 001

Ah, the smell of leather ♥

Waah~ This blog post took me more than a day to finish! Well, it’s time for me to get ready for bed. I still have golf later. Workouts will also have to resume. 😀 Good night y’all and ??????? again!

???????? = Merry Christmas

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