Gah~ I can’t believe I forgot to blog for this year’s Christmas with greetings and a wishlist. Well, like they all say, better late than never! ^_^ I know not all had a ‘merry’ Christmas day. Please be reminded that Christmas isn’t really about the food or feast on your dining or the gifts you bought and received, but it’s about His birthday. I wouldn’t say I had a blasting Christmas, but I’m happy, content, and grateful to have spent it again with the family — We’re all in one roof, with our humble feast:

Christmas dinner, pic 1 #foodporn Christmas dinner, pic 2 #foodporn

I made Zaru Soba for the first time ^o^

… Had our usual Christmas eve mass at Abbey and had coffee and cake afterwards. (I only had coffee though because the cake wasn’t to my liking. Hehe~)

Posts of my wishlist which isn’t limited to Christmas btw *wink wink*, gifts received and gave, and pictures from this month shall follow. I told myself I should stop procrastinating with uploading pictures. I still have two and three year old pictures that I want to upload. ^^;;; Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS again! 🙂

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