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Mentoré Coffee + Bar by UCC

Here’s another late post for me because I slept through the afternoon and I nearly forgot about it. Blogging this is going to be difficult for me because I wanted to go Mentore, but I want to enjoy being at home and my bed and chair. Of course, blog. Sadly, next week is back to office for (most of) us.

Mentore in Makati has been our cafe of choice lately. The only other branch I know of is in SM Aura. Compared to the regular UCC, Mentore has a bar.

Mentore 20150328_234644v2
Mentore 20150329_001913v2
I see a couple of vodkas. I see Grey Goose. ♥

Curry, pastas, sandwiches, salads, omurice, and more — They’re still in their menu as well as these selection to satisfy your sweet tooth. I want them all!

Mentore 20150328_234047

And their coffees that I always want to buy, but can’t. ^^;;;

Mentore 20150328_234235
French press, you shall be mine.

On my first time at Mentore, I had choco cake and coffee.

Mentore 20150328_235221
Xanadu Chocolate Cake and Sumiyaki Coffee, PhP170

The Xanadu Chocolate Cake is layered, thick, and moist. The bottom layer is made of caramel and it’s the only thing in most choco cakes that I dislike. The Xanadu cake is adequately sweet to my liking, but that caramel layer makes it more sweeter than I want. The Sumiyaki Coffee is very good. Might be better if I had it by siphon. I had it by drip and black. This is the coffee for an all-nighter. That’s just what happened to me, but no regrets. 😛 We also had Clair Mango.

Mentore 20150328_235724v2
Clair Mango, PhP200
Mentore 20150328_235731v2

That is just asking for pictures and not be eaten. LOL

Mentore 20150328_235654
Cafe Latte, PhP140
Mentore 20150328_234657

Mentore 20150328_234707

Mentore has a lovely interior; lovely ambiance. I bet it’s nice to hang out there in the morning, but I prefer to be in cafes at late nights while I write in my journal, read… And browse that time-suck Tumblr. Recommending Mentore by UCC is an obvious. Spiked coffee is even more of a reason. 😀

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