Melissa shoes collection

I found a folder that contains photos of my Melissa shoes that I have not blogged before. I really meant to blog about my collection, but obviously forgot about it. 😆 The photos were taken years ago; the last taken in 2015–three years ago! Although I did buy a Melissa late last year, I won’t include it here yet.

Shoes are listed in order of acquisition.

Melissa Ultragirl Heel

I was glad Melissa released the Ultragirl Heel. I always prefer to wear heels at work. Most Melissa heels are 3+ inches and I can’t walk in those for hours anymore. Regular heels are no good either because they would wear off easily with my daily commute. I don’t want to always lug another pair of flats shoes, sandals, or slippers and change before I go inside the office.

I definitely had no second thoughts, but lots of reasons to buy the Ultragirl Heel.

20130813_100515 Melissa

20130813_100546 Melissa

This shoes is cute as well as its plastic gold ribbon. But it seems to be for thin and narrow feet. Even though my feet already are, this was still tight.

Melissa Jean + Jason Wu

20140214_103103 Melissa + Jason Wu

20140214_103131 Melissa + Jason Wu

The Melissa Jean + Jason Wu is my most favorite pair from my collection. Easy to slip on, I can walk hours in it and not get tired or wounded feet, and I can use it for both work or casual days. I used this so much that the soles are almost smooth. It’s already dangerous to use on wet ground. 😆

20140214_103233 Melissa + Jason Wu

Melissa Ballet

20140222_173518 Melissa

Cute, isn’t it? But I didn’t use it much until about a year later after purchase because it squeezed my feet that it hurt. I wore it at home with socks for a while until it stretched to a tolerable fit. Tiis ganda they say.

This post makes me realize (for the nth time) how I spend out of want and not of need. 😆 And it’s the same with cosmetics now! Anyway, it’s fine. I got and still get a lot of use from this pair.

20140222_173551 Melissa
Each Melissa comes with a pouch to store in when you need them on the go.

Melissa Artemis + Jason Wu

I lusted over this for so long that I missed the chance to buy it. I stalled because it’s sandals–my ugly toes would be exposed. Yet when I discovered another shop that sells old Melissa releases including this, I quickly grabbed their last stock in my size. 🙂

20140730_083703 Melissa + Jason Wu

I love the Artemis! Yet, rarely use it. 😛 It also got soaked in rain for a long time that now I need to glue the sole. 🙁 Doesn’t seem worth the money if it became flappy that easily.

20140730_083738 Melissa + Jason Wu

Melissa Aranha 1979

20150112_004255 Melissa
My second favorite. 🙂

My boyfriend gave me this for Christmas last 2015. Even though I didn’t like the color at first, I realized how it matched with anything. The shoe fit is just perfect; they’re comfortable.

20150112_004332 Melissa

I wanted to get another in a different color. I tried to justify the purchase by thinking it would be like having pairs of Chuck Taylors. 😆 The boyfriend made me decide against it.

20150112_003732 Melissa
The multi-colored Aranha drawings are cute! I had to take a picture of the box.

Melissa Magda + Jason Wu

20150625_225218 Melissa + Jason Wu

Another favorite of mine is this blue Melissa Magda + Jason Wu. I love how it looks in skirt or shorts and its pointy style makes me look I have long legs. 🙂

20150625_224539 Melissa + Jason Wu

Melissa Optical

The last pair before I went on a “no buy.”

20151005_010115 Melissa Optical

The Melissa Optical was on sale. I wouldn’t feel too bad in case it breaks.

I used it for work as it didn’t look too casual especially under pants. I haven’t been using this lately though. The “grip” (Idk what’s it called) for the big and second toes broke. My toes must be gripping very hard. 😆 But it’s fixable. I only needs glue. 🙂

Why I love Melissa shoes

Since I discovered the brand, I never looked at other shoes. Besides Converse, that is. 😆

  • Melissa is plastic, so it takes long to wear down.

  • They are rain-proof even though your feet can still get wet. 😛

  • They have shoes for various occasions with variety of styles. They even released unisex slippers, which I almost bought for me and the boyfran.

  • Some styles are expensive, but worth it if you think how durable they can be.

  • Melissa shoes have a nice scent and not that intoxicating plastic or rubber smell.

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