Megumi Hayashibara – Tamashii no Rufuran

Waaah! DrugstarTa is dying!! Must feed it! Tsk, tsk. This is what happens when you neglect your pet. *sweatdrop* Darn that Neopets. I don’t know what’s wrong with their system, but til now I haven’t gotten any verification code! How the heck can I earn points by that?!?! Geez~

I’ve been burning cd’s non-stop again earlier. XP I could hardly connect, so those I chat with…don’t even wonder what happened to me (that is, if you do).

I think I got some great news to share with you guys. ^^ But I won’t say anything yet til it happens. Mwahahahhaha!!

Kye Sang and YuRi?! of god and FinKL?!?! It’s unbelievable! I didn’t know they had a relationship. Dayam. I’m really slow on news~ Here’s another from soompi:

[01.16] Kangta: “My ex is not a star”
On the January 15 broadcast of KBS “Ya! Han-bam-eh,” Kangta revealed that he still has not gotten over his ex-girlfriend, adding that the girl is a regular person and not Park Ji-yoon, as rumors had it. Regarding the recent rumors of HOT reuniting, Kangta stated that although he wishes it were so, there are a number of issues that will be difficult to iron out. However, he mysteriously added that if you really want something, it can happen.

NANI?!?!?! XP I wonder if this is soO true! I mean, he used to have a gf? He _is_ a human being, I know, but it’s surprising…lucky gal. *sigh* He should meet up with me instead. *rofl* He would instantly forget that ex-gf of his. XDDD

I should be studying Geology now. But what am I doing? *lol* Bloggin and bloggin’. I’ll fail the exam. I know it. I should sit beside Nino, so I could copy. *evil laughter* Geology is darn boring and I hate memorizing ‘coz my memory is already poor unlike during my gradeschool to freshman days.

I Want You I Need You
by Fly to the Sky (feat. Kim Jo Han)

*Chorus] I want you~ I need you~ tell you how feel
I want you~ I need you~ show my love for real

1st verse] 말로 다 못할 내 맘을 알고 있니 oh baby~
느낄수가 있니
I want you~ I need you
온종일 너의 생각으로 가득 찬 나를 봐

*Chorus] I want you~ I need you~ 멈출 순 없어
I want you~ I need you~ 슬픔은 없어

English Rap] Stop what your doin’ don’t play your games Cause you know
that i”m fallin’,ain’t got no shame And I wanna be with you, Love the things
you do And I promise on ma life that it’s love that I’m giving to you Say
what you want I’ll give it all tonight And if it’s me that you need i’ll
give you all you like Call me over and I’ll come to you with open arms
You me boo, hunnie please, I’ll keep you safe from harm (what)

2nd verse] 상상못했어 난 이런 날이 올 줄 Oh~ baby
마치 꿈만 같아
I want you~ I need you
세상이 내릴 축복 속에 우린 함께 있어

*chouse]I want you~ I need you~ 끝없이 바래
I want you~ I need you~ 오직 널 바래

English Rap] Everything you do makes me feel so good I you let me get up
on you Girl, you know I would Girl you got it going on, You’re the one
I really want And I know inside my heart that you and I we do belong Girl,
if you need me I’ll be there for you Don’t you know that I’m lovin’ everything
you do Come on over with your smile cause you makin’ me wild Girl, you got it
going on with your phyique, style!

3nd verse] 매일 기도해 이 사랑 영원하길 oh baby
항상 변치 않길
I want you~ I need you
눈뜨는 아침마다 나의 품에 네가 있길

*Chorus] I want you~ I need you~ tell you how feel
I want you~ I need you~ show my love for real

Bridge] 난 너라면 어떤 미래라도 만들
그럴 자신도 생겨
참 다행야 함께 해줄 날이 많으니
널 기쁨으로 채워갈게 I try to love…

*chorus] I want you~ I need you~ tell you how feel
I want you~ I need you~ show my love for real
I want you~ I need you~ tell you how feel
I want you~ I need you~ show my love for real

I’m visiting a few blogs/journals now. Trying to catch up on things with some people I know and some who are total strangers to me. ^^v Their blogs are really nice and interesting that’s why I read them. heheheh~

Maki~ I know how that feels. It happened to me with a guy I liked before. He was always the first to set up our meeting yet he was always the one who couldn’t make it. Even on my birthday which really sucked. XP Then he comes up with excuses and tries to sound apologetic, but it’s awfully hard for me to believe him you know. He’s prolly pretending to be interested in seeing me while he’s really not. Makes me feel I should have also asked him if he trully wants to see me or not. *ho-hum* That’s that.

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