Meet Jolie

I delayed this again. ^^;;; As if I have no love for the new toy. *lol* But I have never spent so much yet so few for one thing alone. So, I have lots of ♥ for it.

Macbook White 001
Under the dresser

The toy was purchased last April 7. That was the night I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the second time. I had to mention that out of my love for the Wimpy Kid. Now that I remember him, I should save this as draft and resume next time. I wanna read the third book. Hrhr~ XDDD J/k!

Macbook White 002-003
Getting it out of the box

The toy was only freed from the box on Friday, April 9, since it was a holiday. I wasn’t very excited because I was afraid to _hurt_ it.

Macbook White 004-005

Yep, I got a shiny and clean white 13″ Macbook. πŸ˜€

Macbook White 006

Inside the box is the heavy, ceramic-like laptop, manuals, installers, and adapter. Apple should have at least included a keyboard protector and sleeve considering the laptop’s cost. 😐

Macbook White 007

I have been meaning to get a secondhand since mid-March. I had about 3 or 4 deals, but none pushed through. I’m just not meant to have a secondhand. It was a sign that I should buy it brand new. So I did. *lol* How foolish to believe in such things, huh? The toy’s name is Jolie as you should have noticed. :3 It’s inspired by Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. I know the name is spelled differently, but I chose to have it spelled like Angelina Jolie’s _Jolie_ to be less obvious. Those who know, therefore, knows. XD;

Macbook White 013
Sleeping Yotsuba’s my first wallpaper in Jolie

Macbook White 014
That’s how I look like when I fall asleep XD;

Two days before payday, because I was really itching to use the toy, I bought a Case Logic sleeve and a keyboard protector.

Case Logic Sleeve

No picture of the keyboard protector because it’s transparent. πŸ˜› Pointless picture is pointless. Haha~ Thanks so much for these loves:
Tante Sandra and Tante Chrisellee — they helped in my fund-raising πŸ˜€
La familia — for accompanying me to Mobile1
Jan — for accompanying me to canvass and buy at Mobile1 and for helping me decide with the laptop sleeve and keyboard protector/guard/whatever it’s really called
Marco — for answering all my queries since the time I was looking for a decently-priced secondhand


  • Kat

    Congrats! I don’t want to get into the Mac vs. PC debate but I really, really, really love OS X, even if I still use Windows (7 pa yun ha). If you don’t mind me asking, how much was it? I trolled Philmug looking for a good deal and I got one at P10k less than the selling price in most shops ehehe.

    Once it gets its first smudge or scratch, you’ll be less OC. Weeeee!
    .-= Kat?s last blog ..Semana Santa =-.

    • Shabby

      ^^ Thanks! I didn’t purchase this to replace my PC. I’m still keeping that coz it does the hardcore work. I have it on almost 24/7. Also, I have a 19″ monitor with that LOL I ♥ watching shite with that.

      I got this for 50K+. I forgot because I paid cash advance and the rest is deferred. :3 I did weeks of canvassing, but ended up at Mobile1. Others either don’t accept deferred payments or, if they do, they accept up to 6 months only and with select cards. 😐

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