MCC, Establishment party, and Monday meeting

I didn’t expect my weekend to be busy. Well, it was only the Saturday that was busy. My only plan was to meet-up with Ryan, Joiz, etc. at the Metro Comic Con, but Phoebe kidnapped me again that Saturday night for a birthday party. The post is supposedly just about what I wore there, but I’ll take this opportunity to blog about (mostly) everything that happened that weekend and until Monday too.

Meeting time with Ryan, Gilbz, and Joiz at Megamall was 11AM, but I was up late as usual. Haha~ I arrived by 230PM. Talk about late! But Kat and Drew were more late than I was. 😛 I got to walk a bit in front of the venue before I got to meet up with them. I never went inside because Joiz was very hungry when I got there. We decided on Teriyaki Boy. Gilbz and I were still full, so we only had their yogurt. It was so-so. 😐 It made me miss Red Mango. We were done past mid-afternoon, so we just walked in front of the venue. I’m not going to pay a hundred pesos if I could only walk for 30 minutes or less inside. 😐 I just took pictures of some cosplayers roaming about. There were a lot of people, but I’m sure they’re fewer compared to previous/other events.

Before we went home, Joiz, Kat, Drew, and I went to Forever 21. I was a bit excited and nervous. Excited because it’s my first visit. There were a lot who enjoyed their Forever 21 shopping experience especially with the store’s cheap prices. Then nervous because I might swipe my credit card. ^^;;; But I got turned off with the lot of people who rummaged through the clothes and accessories. I felt I was in SM’s Surplus Shop. Well, I am not rich nor do I buy often in expensive boutiques. It’s just that I don’t have the patience for such kind of shopping. To make my Forever 21 visit worthwhile, I got myself a nice huge flower ring. 🙂

Phoebe and I
That’s me and Phoebe

The picture’s a bit blurry, but at least you have an idea what the the ring looks like and how big it is. I ♥ it.

I went home in time for dinner. I decided I’d just rot through the whole night and until the rest that weekend. Then Phoebe called me up around 9PM. She was asking if I had plans. I told her I was free that night though I was waiting for Marsha. After 30 minutes, Phoebe picked me up. I had no idea where we were headed, but she told me that shorts or rugged look isn’t allowed to the place we were going to. 😐 I had a dress in mind yet I opted for a semi-rocker look:

Shabby [2010-0821_2214]

Shabby [2010-0821]

Good thing I didn’t go full rocker with a knee-high boots because I noticed I would be out-of-place among the rest. See?

Group shot at The Establishment
I only know Bryce (the one I’m clinging on), Phoebe, and Dax (the guy with glasses behind Phoebe).

I had several glasses of Black Russian and shots of tequila. I always say it’s never a good idea to drink hard liquor when you lack sleep & you’re terribly tired, but I never learn. 😀 I remember Phoebe bringing me home, but I not how I got in and up to my bedroom. The next thing was I woke up still in my skirt, with a big bruise on my left knee, and a burn on my right knee. 😀 I thought the burn was sticky dirt. I tried to scrape it off. That made the burn worst. HAHA~ 😀

Oh yeah, I was supposed to work that Saturday night. I had to make the welcome remarks of MJESB for the Philippine Urban Consortium Briefer meeting I organized for Monday August 23. Because of the party, I decided to do it on Sunday morning. Obviously I got lazy and sleepy. I dragged myself out of bed by 6PM. Still too lazy to write, I watched a series and did unimportant online duties. I only got to write by 2AM of that Monday. How awesome was that? XDDD The welcome remarks I made was full of bull. I may be able to write technical reports, but not welcome remarks. Thank goodness there’s someone from another department who is awfully good at it. *sighs in relief* I had it revised. My boss didn’t complain with the second and final revision. Yay! Thank goodness she doesn’t pressure nor shout at me anymore whenever I organize a meeting. To think there were big people invited such as the VP of the Pinas, folks from different national government agencies, and World Bank Manila. I was so tired physically and emotionally, but it paid off. The VP thanked me for organizing it. Hihi~ 😀

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