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May 2010 Pig Predictions

My May 2010 Pig Predictions is believable. D: Here it is. I emphasized those I find true.

Nor only are times hectic for you Pigs, but we dragged Mercury retrograde along with us into May. Mercury (as you no doubt know) has this annoying habit of appearing to go backwards at certain times of the year. This planetary foot dragging period started April 18 and will pester our lives until May 11. Expect setbacks, delays and broken promises. Above all, do not sign any binding documents and take care not to expect too much of promises until May 12. After that, you can get yourself into as many tight spots as you can squeeze into. Business is good. But there are some shady people out there who would dupe you. And as you are so dupe-able, I call your attention to instantly distancing yourself from any fast talking folks who are trying to talk you into something. As you have trouble saying no, you sometimes find yourself wondering how so and so or such and such managed to hit you up for money or time or favors when you never had any intention of going in their direction. You are a telemarketers dream phone answerer. You are most always polite, discreet and understanding. Screen all calls this month. Someone less than honest has your number and will insist unless you freeze them out. This month, starting on the 14th, you will be able to use your excellent communication tactics to better converse with family members. Right now they need TLC. But, you are so silent and stoical hat they wonder if you are still interested in them. My advice? Call family pow-wows around bowls of steaming home made soup – just to talk about ‘stuff’. See if you can change your schedule at work to better accommodate your family’s routines. Keep on working on your art. You might be trying to play the piano or write a book. Or perhaps you want to shoot fabulous photos in your spare time. Even if you are cooking or sewing or knitting creatively, that pursuit has become essential to your equilibrium. Use every spare minute to perfect your skill. As usual, I remind you to exercise and stop eating junk food. A fit, thinner Piggy is a happier Piggy. — ChineseZodiacHoroscope.com

I do have trouble saying no. Rarely am I adamant on refusing things. This doesn’t apply to the people I truly dislike though because I don’t give a fuck about what they feel or think about me.

My friends might have to agree that I am polite, discreet, and understanding in spite of how I seem to be to others. My patience has been tried and tested. Unless the person is asking for it, I keep my cool. 🙂 On working on my art, I have neglected most of them for months. I don’t know where or what I have wasted my time on, but this time I’m back on track. The band has been active thanks to my suddenly motivated bandmates, there’s a new layout for the blog domain, and I have even gotten back to reading novels/books. 😀

“A fit, thinner Piggy is a happier Piggy.” *lol* The horoscope doesn’t need to tell me that I should stop eating junk food. I don’t eat those unless I have no other choice.


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