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Max’s thanksgiving celebration

Max’s held a thanksgiving celebration last August 16 in their Glorietta 3 branch. I’m grateful that I got invited and I feel bad that I only got to blog about it now. ^^;;; Sorry, guys! The pictures were posted about a week ago though. Jan and I originally planned to watch a movie that 16th of august, but I thought it’s bad to miss this chance. Also, maybe, I would be able to try the chicken-all-you-can. 😛

Max's 2010-0816 001
Host of the event

Max's 2010-0816 002
We sat at the far back, near an air-conditioner, & surrounded
with a puddle of water. 😐

Max's 2010-0816 003

Max's 2010-0816 004
Thes chicken caps beat Marco’s jejecaps. HAHAHA~ \m/
Oh yeah, define stressed. (That’s me.)

I didn’t think we’d get caps because they gave it to those who participated in their q&a. But they had a lot, so all of us got one each. 😀

Max's 2010-0816 005

The event was to celebrate the success of Max’s Chicken All You Can. I was right, I will be able to try that chicken-all-you-can from this thanksgiving celebration. Hrhr~ >)

Max's 2010-0816 006

Max's 2010-0816 007

Max's 2010-0816 008
The guys in the chicken-all-you-can poster

Max's 2010-0816 009
Pork Binagoongan

Max's 2010-0816 010
Chicken Caldereta

As far as I remember, the caldereta is a new dish of Max’s. This is a different kind of caldereta as it is served with chicken instead of the usual pork or beef. I like the binagoongan more than the caldereta though because of the eggplant. LOL Also, it is tastier. But that’s just me. You have to try both. As soon as possible if you may too or, at least, before the 15th of October. You get free rice and Pepsi if you order these new dishes. 😀

Max's 2010-0816 011
Jantot and her manok
She needs to be reminded of her blog post. 8)

Max's 2010-0816 012
I ♥ eggplants 😀

Max's 2010-0816 013
Ryan found a wishbone. 😀 I got lucky because I got the bigger part.
Here’s to hoping that the wish will come true. *crosses fingers*

Max's 2010-0816 014
Chicken bones both from mine and Jan’s

Max's 2010-0816 015
Either my 3rd or 4th chicken

Jan and I were full from the Chicken All You Can. I had about 4 pieces. That’s not counting yet the caldereta and binagoongan. We were also happy kids because they gave us cake. 😀

Max's 2010-0816 017
😀 That made me a happy bear because I only
got a slice of cake on my birthday.

Max's 2010-0816 018
Hi, Ryan! 😛

All pictures I took during and after the event are in my Flickr.

Head on to your nearest Max’s and try the binagoongan and caldereta dishes. Celebrate your family or friend’s birthday or have a feast with your barkada. In case you see me in a Max restaurant, don’t forget to say hi. ;D


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