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Max’s Crispy Pata Feast

The Max’s Crispy Pata Feast event was held in Max’s Restaurant Greenbelt 1. We arrived late and didn’t get to hear the briefer on the Crispy Pata Feast, but we were right on time for the food. XD;

Max's Crispy Pata 01

Included in the good for four feast is a plate of huge crispy pata, steaming white rice, ice-cold Pepsi and buko pandan. All of those for only PhP865! Yep, only PhP865. 🙂 The Crispy Pata is just cooked right and tender for me. Max’s buko pandan isn’t too sweet which I like and I’m sure everyone will too. I actually wanted more of that.

Crispy Pata Feast

Since we didn’t hear the briefer, I guess the feast does come with Bangus Belly Sinigang. It is as tasty as the Crispy Pata. They’re perfect partners.

Max's Crispy Pata 02

Max's Crispy Pata 03

Max's Crispy Pata 06 Max's Crispy Pata 05
Rain and Ryan were with us

Good thing I rarely eat Crispy Pata, so I was able to eat more than usual. My nape didn’t ache at all. LOL After eating (rather, while I still NOM NOM’d), Max’s had a presentation of their delivery gear and the Max’s website. I have to apply as a delivery girl for Max’s so I can get a jacket from them. Hrhr~

Max's Crispy Pata 07

They also had a video presentation of the Chicken-All-You-Can blogger event from last year. I can’t believe they had two or three pictures with me in them. But one of ’em is a group pic, so that’s a given. Anyway, that surprised me. *blushes* But at least it wasn’t as hilarious as the bloggers video presented. WAHAHAHHAH~ *sigh of relief*

The surprises did not end there. They also had a raffle with prizes for ALL OF US! We won something for the house which was rather unexpected. Hrhr~ We also received Max’s yet-to-be-released ketchup that comes with a gift certificate. How cooler can things get? 😀 This is the first food blog event I’ve been invited to for this year. It’s really fun and awesome. Thanks so much to Max’s and Bright Idea Events Management!


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