Maru’s birthday in Mr. Jones

July 28 was the BRODA’s birthday. That means another night of pigging out. 😀 When my Dad asked me where to eat, I recommended Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5. Not that I’ve tried there before. I haven’t; they haven’t either. We always go for restaurants we haven’t tried yet to celebrate a family member’s birthday. So far, we haven’t been unlucky. 😉

Three Small Plates

Cherry Shake

Maru and Papa bear

Me and Mum

The parents didn’t want to eat outside the restaurant. It was humid and people smoked. Although it was more spacious there though, we just settled inside the restaurant. Near the door and the kitchen. Normally, people would be annoyed by that but we weren’t. There was still enough space even though it looks cramped. The only thing that annoyed my Mum was the heat that keeps coming in from the outside whenever the waiters would go in and out.

Price range of food in Mr. Jones is about PhP350 to PhP600. Some are worth PhP900+. Drinks are PhP200 or PhP250 at minimum. These were our orders:

Maru Bday 001
Three Small Plates for the Mum

Maru Bday 003
The ‘rents cherry shake

Maru Bday 004
The Mojito is becoming my favorite drink

Maru Bday 008
Seafood Linguine for Papa bear

Maru Bday 012
My Pot Roast

Maru Bday 016
Ribs and fries for the celebrant

The food was really filling as they do American serving. I had to part with my diet watch for a while. LOL I think the family was overall happy. My Mum though wasn’t that pleased that supposedly “three small plates” were in sundae glasses. XD; Well, she still liked the food. She just didn’t get to eat them all up because she also ate some of my Dad’s pasta. I wasn’t that happy as well with the Mojito. The leaves kept getting in the straw and there were more leaves than the drink itself. =_=

Mr. Jones is more or less an American diner, but they still haven’t reached my humble expectations. The food price is high, but worth it if we’re talking about the serving. They’re just not the place I would highly recommend. I might be back to try their milkshakes as those are just ♥. I hope they won’t disappoint. *crosses fingers*

The rest of the pictures from the dinner are up in my Flickr. 🙂

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