man, i’m soO sleepy! but

man, i’m soO sleepy! but i still hafta send some mails before i turn this luv of mine off and have maii beauty rest.

i’ve been playing ffx like nonstop! i’m getting obsessed with it! and i even joined a ffx yaoi ml!! XDDD *LoL* wickedness!! then…i just saw earlier the fmv of TIDUS AND YUNA KISSING!!! omigod!! OMIGOD!!! they look soO cute together!! waii!!!

taya-kun: what happened to the yaoi fan?
shabby: >_> eh? haven’t found the perfect pairing yet, you know. want me to pair you up with tidus?
taya-kun: *walks back* err, nevermind…

mwahahahahahahahahha!! the fmv was soO sweet~ they were swimming in some small lake & there was like an aurora borealis in the background…awww~ it was so sweet! when they kissed, they even held hands! *_______________* the sweetness!!! gawd! i’m surrounded with ants! XDDD corny!! ahahhahah~ (what’s corny in korean, btw? O_o)

*wipes forming tears* :DDD anywayz, that was the only sweet thing that happened in the game. they hardly showed emotions dealing with love. it was always family & friends. yep…and i actually saw more of yaoi in it just like the other ff games. too bad there are no characters like zel or irvine…you know…bishie boiz. there’s only tidus and auron’s too old to become a bishie. you call those biseinen, ne? *gah* forgot. XP i might be wrong tho.

auronXjecht is a nice pairing. XD better get the time to read the fics i’m getting in the ml. ^_~ i hope they’re filled with lemony goodness! *snickers* PERVERT JJANG! XDDD j/k!


enough about that…let’s see…uhh…carlo called around 7pm. well, what do you think it means when a guy you least expect calls you all of a sudden? he calls for no reason at all too! O_o weird guy…we should have a practice this coming week before i go back to school. XP I HATE SCHOOL! DAMNIT! argh~