Magic Eraser is truly magic

I saw a TV ad of Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser in the US. I told myself to buy a box, but ended up forgetting… Including my supply of Gevalia and Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee. Ugh. Since the dirt/grey stains on my Jolie are becoming annoying, I decided to search. Salamat uli kay Mr. BV. XD

Sorry, pic is blurry.
Sorry, pic is blurry.

Those stains in-between the keys are gone.


The bottom of Jolie has face powder stains aside from dirt. That part was the hardest to clean, but Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaned it quick and easy peasy. Fellow White Macbook owners who need to have theirs cleaned might wanna use this. It doesn’t work with my S3 green casing though. Maybe it will, but it might take me hours to get the dirt stains off. I’m sure by the time it’s cleaned, the sponge has crumbled to bajillion pieces.

I got the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, PhP295 a box at True Value.


2 thoughts on “Magic Eraser is truly magic

    1. Nope, it isn’t. There are still some light stains in between Jolie’s keys, but I’m going to let it be because I’m afraid the sponge might erase the letters.

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