Luncheon and dinner

My weekends have been so busy hanging out with friends. I’m actually having a hard time catching up with the sudden lot of pictures I have to go through. I haven’t even gotten around to posting everything since those from late last year including those from the US trip. *facepalms*

Nov. 30 was a holiday. My plan with Jan then was to go to Greenhills to look for a nice dress. Her brother joined us, so he could canvass for a personal computer. It wasn’t a worthwhile visit to Greenhills for us while Jan’s brother got his task done. 😐 After that was a lunch date with the LONELY HEARTS CLUB. The only members so far are me, Bryce, and Kara. *lol* Bryce and Kara are eying Jan to be a member as well. XD;

2009-1130 - Army Navy 0012009-1130 - Army Navy 002

Lunch was supposed to be at Isshin, but Kara said they closed their smoking area that day. Jan and I then suggested Army Navy. I ♥ their burrito. 😀 Which reminds me, I haven’t made a resto and food review on them. Soon; I hope not to forget!

That was also when I Kara brought my order of V for Vendetta masks and Bath & Body Work’s alcogel in my favorite scent. ^.^ The masks are win. We have pictures, but it may take some time before I get to post them because I used film. Should ask Bryce to post those he took.

2009-1205 002 About a week after, some CSR HS batchmates and I had a small reunion. The plan semi-last minute, but I’m glad that some were still into the plan. Dinner was at La Maison Greenbelt 5 per my suggestion because that’s just my canteen. XD; I’m only kidding, of course. *lol*

Tiffany was the first to arrive in Greenbelt 5. Phoebe and I was supposed to be there earlier or the same time as her, but we got stuck in SLEX traffic. We also had to buy first boxes of polvoron in the grocery for my Father to bring as pasalubong for the relatives in Washington. Those HOP polvorons are expensive. DX I haven’t tasted them, but I hope they’re worth the money. 😐 What’s the English of polvoron, btw?

We went to the resto around 7PM. Gie and Alea arrived just minutes later.

2009-1205 003

La Maison seemed different that night. Their service wasn’t like before. I dunno if their staff was tired or they were cutting costs. They only served garlic bread and not the usual black bread.

Here’s a pic of us, before the rest arrived:
2009-1205 006

2009-1205 007

And those ‘rest’, well, we thought they’d be staying but they only did for a few minutes. DX What a shame! Another reunion is in the works just so those girls as well as those who couldn’t go would be able to join. 😛 Jan eventually joined us. She was extremely late that she almost missed those who only dropped by for a bit.


(More Instax shots)

Tiffany then had to leave early. She did finish the dinner with us though. After settling dinner bill, only me, Gie, Alea, Phoebe, and Jan went to CBTL to talk more over coffee and tea. 😀 Dinner seemed long, yet it wasn’t enough.

Instax 001Instax 003Instax 006
All digital and Instax shots are in my Flicker

Even though I hadn’t seen them in years, they didn’t feel like strangers at all. I guess being with them in the same school for so long and that our population is small that it was easy to know each other has helped. Like I said, they will be the only girls in my life that I will forever get along with. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy college that much. Coming from an all-girls school, it was weird that I got along better with guys than with girls in college. >_> Though that wasn’t until the mid-part of my college life.

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