Loot from the Dad

Some weeks ago, my Dad went to Mexico then to Washington DC for work. That was a chance to strike off items from my wish lists. XD; Sadly, I didn’t get any from ’em although I got those I requested for that weren’t in the list.

Loot from the Dad 001
From top to bottom, left to right of the Bath & Body Works hand gel: Cupcakes: Lemon Glaze, Nectarine Mint,
Dancing Waters, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Warm Vanilla Sugar

I’m addicted to those little anti-bacterial gel. My most favorite is Warm Vanilla Sugar (because somebody I knew of liked it hihi~). There’s also that liquid facial soap from Clinique. That wasn’t what I requested but the bar soap. This isn’t bad. It will only be the first time I’ll be using a Clinique liquid soap.

Loot from the Dad 003
The folks and I wonder if that Tequila is for real.

A Mexican hat made of felt with a bottle Tequila and shot glass glued on it. There’s also another small hat and a barrel. A life-size version of that barrel for display in my room would have been awesome too. 😛

Loot from the Dad 004
The multicolored Rosary bracelet is very cute.

Loot from the Dad 005
My ‘rents now call me the wife of Zoro.

Lastly, the “must present” for me whenever the ‘rents or one of them visits the US:

Loot from the Dad 002

*ninja* 😛 I have another batch of loot from Japan which will be in another post.

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