Look, a new toy! :D

Last toy this year, I swear. πŸ˜€

Kobo Glo 001
Kobo Glo

Took me months and the second Percy Jackson movie to decide on getting an ebook reader. And an hour or less to choose between Kindle or Kobo. The Kindle seems to be more popular than the latter, but I chose Kobo because it supports more formats that even includes cbr. The Kobo is cheaper too. Good thing I made up my mind early on instead of putting it off for another week or so because National Bookstore and Powerbooks around my area are running out of stocks. I was told someone _hoarded_. >_> There’s only one National Bookstore branch left with stocks left and with the color blue I wanted. But after scrutinizing several displays from all the branches I went to, I realized that the white may get stains from dust and dirty hands. Also, with a Kobo case, you won’t see the back color anymore. So I opted for black. The black frame also makes reading with it easy on the eyes.

Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo 002

Kobo Glo 003

I forgot to take a photo, but on the left side of the reader is a micro SD slot. This is expandable up to 32GB. Internal memory is only 2GB.

Kobo Glo 006

The black version, unlike the other colors, is entirely black. The colors of the rest only differ on the back, but the surrounding frame of the screen is all white. Because the Kobo Glo has a rubber-like feel/finish, it might get stains from dirt and dust which Mr. Clean might not be able to remove.

Kobo Glo 004
It’s approximately 6″; very light and thin.

I then got a cover for it that’s supposed to be pink, but it looks nearly red or maroon.

Kobo Glo 007

The Kobo Glo has a backlight. The brightness can be adjusted, but the default setting is already fine for me. This reader can connect online via wifi to sync books across Kobo devices or devices with Kobo apps and also for Pocket. It doesn’t stay connected all the time and I really don’t need it so. The Pocket app makes the reader awesome-r. If only it has an rss reader then it would be the best!

I have PDFs and EPUBs currently saved in it (complete Percy Jackson books!) and I haven’t had problems with loading them all. It can also open JPEGS, but they will not view colored of course. πŸ™‚ I can’t say yet if the battery life does stay as long as a month before it drains because it charges each time I connect it to a computer when I put reading materials. But even if I read on for two-three hours straight, battery doesn’t even go down less than 10%.

Availability and Price

Kobo Glo in National Bookstore is about PhP6,599. There are other Kobo devices including those without a backlight and the Android-powered Kobo Arc.

Hmm, it just occurred to me only now that I haven’t named this toy yet. #firstworldproblems XD

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