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LONG roundup of 2009 [Part 2/2]

Lately I feel so lost with no hope nor motivation. This is a very delayed hangover from October of 2009. πŸ™ I know our life purpose is for self-fulfillment, but I can’t seem to be content for that reason alone. This is loneliness speaking, I believe. Seems there’s no point to work hard if there’s no one to share or devote our achievements. I’m sure there are others feeling that way. Anyway, enough about that. I have no one but myself. I am my own comedy character. ~_~

Thank you to those who took the time to read the first part. This is the second and last of the 2009 roundup post. Advance apologies for the lengthiness. ^_^V

My name is Shabby and I sing man songs.
One thing I wanted to do badly was to videoke after the breakup to let out all my frustration. Everyone was too busy, sad to say. πŸ™ Going alone would make me feel more pathetic. The opportunity only came when I influenced Jan to skip our Sun bill payment. XD We went to Wako being cheaper than our other option that is Redbox.

The first visit to Wako turned to be a success! So was every visit. It’s always hilarious. People should join us. I swear you a good time. Like in Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now — If you wanna have a good time, just give me a call! ;D

Someone’s true colors officially revealed
It was long before we talked again. Boy, was I completely disappointed and sad. I should be angry because he was rude though there was no point to let out such energy. It’s tiresome! Should he be punished, then that will come. Y’know, it’s great that the love disappeared completely when I figured the type of person he chose. I imagine myself being how I was with the recent. Man, the feelings would be a waste.

Dancing at Hooters
It’s been ages since Hooters opened in the Philippines. πŸ˜› We only got to visit last year. The Hooters dinner was with Maru, Marco, and Jan. We had a feast with spicy chicken wings, played with the Hooters girls thanks to Jim Beam, I danced with those girls, and we camwhored with them. Hrhr~

Reunion with CSR batchmates
After almost 10 years, we decided to have a reunion. A surprising number came, but only few stayed for dinner. Jan arrived late that’s why she wasn’t in most group pictures. We had dinner at La Maison as per my suggestion.

2009-1205 007
Left (top to bottom): Lemon, Alea, and Gie
Right (top to bottom still): Levy, Michelle, Tiffy, Shabbydoo, and Phoebe

I stayed longer with these ladies for coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and more girl talk.

Instax 008
They are Phoebe, Jan, Gie, and Alea.

Being broke didn’t stop me from watching NIN. XD That was the first time I watched a concert alone. Exciting, I tell you! Haha~

NIN! Only decent pic I have of them

GAS and toys
2009 was full of GAS! I hate and love it. *lol* I bought several cameras — Blackbird Fly, Diana Mini, LC-A+, and a Snoopy camera. I think I also my Fuji Instax was also purchased last year. O_o Soon I would have to let go some of these. I also need to pay the LC-A+.

LC-A+ 006

I bought a lot of Revoltech figures too.

Ricky sleeping on the doorknob
Meet Ricky — my first Revoltech ♥

Yotsuba 2010-0106 009
Yotsuba-chan and Maru’s Vespa

Arch [Lumix] 026
Arch Gurren Lagann

There are other Revoltech purchases I have yet to open. *coughsDETROITMETALCITYcoughs*

Let’s not forget my Omnia! XD; This baby never got blogged about before, so here’s my short review on it.

Wallpaper and Start Menu

The Omnia is a Windows Mobile device that has proven itself to be very useful. The cellphone is already installed with MS Office 2007 Portable that includes Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Powerpoint Mobile, and OneNote Mobile. I am able to do quick edits with work papers and blog drafts among other things when I’m on the go.

Fring and ceTwit are the only applications I’ve installed so far. I heard others complain how Windows Mobile is slow, but I don’t think it is. Maybe I’m just that patient.


One feature of the phone that made me purchase the phone without much thinking is its capability to play avi files. I only purchased a TV-out cable then voila! I watch Grindhouse flicks stored in the phone while I treadmill. XD

The only problem I have with it is that it deletes some messages in the inbox when I clean out the sent folder. Then the latest problem is that the sent items are now in the inbox too. ~_~ I might have to format this. Tsk~ Can’t do so until I learn how to back up the messages in the inbox.

Tagisan Para Sa Kalikasan
Tagisan Para Sa Kalikasan is a battle of a bands held last November in Makati. I was asked to be a judge in it. Funny that people asked why I was invited. Am I not _that_ qualified? *lol*

003 - Battle of the Bands 027
Tiff and I as judges

003 - Battle of the Bands 053
Cembo’s Sangguniang Kabataan
HIHI~ πŸ˜› ♥

Being a judge isn’t an easy task. An audience would sometimes wonder why this won when the other was better, etc. Imagine if you’re the judge and who you believed would win didn’t. >_> Okay, I shut up now.

One thing I learned and have been telling myself ever since is that no matter how hard you wish for something, it won’t happen if you don’t act. Since I have gone out a lot with friends of old and new, I have proven to myself that a long time friend doesn’t always mean he’s the one you can lean on. I tried to make that kind of connection, but it was a hopeless one-sided case. I have enough of one-sided cases in my love life. I don’t need it in my social life anymore.

Overall, 2009 made me go:


I mean that in a good way. ^_~ So that’s my wrap up. It’s 2010 already. Let’s make this year a riot! πŸ˜€

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