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LONG roundup of 2009 [Part 1/2]

I should have done this at the earliest like I did last year, but fun times and laziness got the best of me. πŸ˜€ So much happened in 2009. Both good and bad. Crossing my fingers now that my memory will serve me well. I should have blogged every happiest and baddest moments. I’ll be forgetful when I get older. Either words or pictures will be the best way to relive those memories. ^_^

The beginning of Tentakol Ecstasy
Believing to be a joke at first, we still made it happen. The original lineup was me as vocals, Marco as the guitarist, Toni as the bassist, and Maru as the drummer. Lineup’s still the same only the bassist went missing. The band’s name was inspired by one of Maria Ozawa’s pr0n flicks. Obvious that they couldn’t come up with a more pleasant name. πŸ˜›

Hagikgikan — Podcast with Joiz
I believe it was 2009 that Joiz and I started podcasting. Our first was pure randomness. And giggling. XD We’ve done 3 in one month. Let’s hope we make a return this year and do it regularly. *pokes Joiz*

Clean and Green
There’s a quarterly inspection of Makati’s 2nd district schools. My first inspection with the group was a memorable one. The rest were tiring. ^_^V Same schools are active, generous, and hospitable. The inspections were a good opportunity for me to test my film cameras. ^_^

I don’t know if the city government’s environmental department pushed through with the reporting of the 4th quarter inspection last month. I was absent for three times. Either they didn’t have the reporting+awarding or I missed it.



CBI bonding
I had the opportunity to have a bonding moment with the guys from CBI. πŸ˜€ They had a gig in Robinson’s Place Malate with other reggae bands — Peace Pipe and Lady I. I met a cute couple who accompanied me because no one from my friends could make it which was sad. πŸ™ Anyway, we went to Makati after the gig for drinks until early morning. Yeah! \m/

Project Survival Media (PSM)
What is PSM? As quoted from their website:

We are a global network of youth journalists reporting from the frontlines of the climate crisis, and from COP 15. Our seleven new media teams, on all seven continents, are reporting on the most compelling climate stories from around the world, amplifying voices underrepresented by traditional media, and launching β€œSurvival” to the forefront of the political debate.

I submitted my application late and hardly put much serious thought into it. I worked on it in the middle of the night while my brain was going on and off due to lack of sleep. There were only two of us who joined (or got accepted, who knows?) from the Philippines. They compiled the works of all those members from different parts of Asia and was presented in COP15 afaik. Didn’t get to check it, but should soon.

Haha~ He is one of the highlights of my 2009. πŸ™‚ Hmm, I already said a lot about our relationship — on the time when we were still friends and until we became girlfriend-boyfriend. I gotta share about the aftermath of our breakup, but that _should_ be next time. ^_~ I still care for him dearly. Fortunately, I have regained control of my feelings. *shakes head* The things you do when you’re very in love and desperate. ^^;;;

One night after a few days of the breakup, my mother couldn’t help but talk to me. She told me to try as much as I can to let the feelings go quickly. Her and other people said I should only spend A DAY to wallow. FYI, depending on the situation, a day isn’t always enough. Just because you were able to do it doesn’t mean that others can. Also, that’s like cheating your feelings! Your mind says you’re fine. What about your heart?

Black cat
After a night with him…

Birthday celebrationS!
I had a number of birthday celebrations last year — Handlebar dinner with the family and cousin, with 2 sets of CBI; videoke with officemates and Dad; and an overnight somewhere out there. Hrhr~ I usually hide during my birthdays. I sorta did it again, but the influence of Dad and officemates were strong. πŸ˜› Dad was a priority though. LULz~

Family Picture :D
Family picture πŸ˜€


Music 21 003
Naika and Jaja

Music 21 004 Music 21 005
Liza and Doy

Active social life is active
I felt I made up for the days when my daily routine was school and home. The band was in my schedule too almost everyday until somebody in the band got sick and another fucked up. Last year though was more different than ever. Not only did I I get to rekindle old friendships, I also got hang out with the people I met in the online community. There are a number only these I have to take note of — Joiz, Marco, and Kara. ^_^


I met Joiz way back, but 2009 was the year we really bonded. I’m so proud and grateful to have her as one of my dearest friends. She’s one of those I can rely on. πŸ™‚

Janine introduced Marco back in December 2008. The Tentacle Ecstasy is the reason why we started hanging out. Eventually, he joined our other shite like photowalks and videoke. Hrhr~

Kara has been a long time friend. We both got busy with our lives (especially love lives), so we sort of lost touch. But 2009 got us back together for the same reason that made us busy. *lol* We became friends due to same interests. Funny that though we had no contact for some time, her new interests are still the same with mine. XD;

I must also mention the people from work who I got along better with throughout the year. ^_^ It’s good that we had a bonding session before 2009 ended.

OMX Xmas 2009 004

OMX Xmas 2009 020

Oh, mustn’t forget about Bryce. ^_^

Fuzion 2010-0107 004
Left to right: Bryce, me, and Jantot
This was taken just a few days ago. πŸ˜€

Last but not the least is Jan. For everyone’s information, she has been my friend since elementary days. College, sort of, only got in the way. Now, not even work would get in the way of our fun times. Hahaha~ What made us go out more often than ever was due to our very very sad lives. We had to rely on each other to lift our spirits up. *lol* J/k! We went through some bad times and we know that humoring each other would keep us sane. πŸ˜›

02 - Wako 010
Our best picture. Yeah! \m/

I must say, 2009 was the year of my social life. XD; It’s the year I realized the importance of friendship and connection with people.

I get sick too.
Should add a bit of bad in this roundup, don’t you think? :3 I got sick during Christmas break. Jan and I had a Wako session after a dinner with the Colonel. He made me eat what seemed to be not-freshly-cooked chicken. Having gelato the night before and with a stomach not in good terms with dairy, I got STOMACH FLU. Give me colds, but not that please! ~_~ My joints started aching when I got home. I also felt the chills then shivered badly in the middle of the night.

I got rid of the fever by covering myself up, but not the stomach pain. It was hard for me to eat, but I couldn’t skip meals. Can’t drink medication with an empty stomach. Before I could eat more of my lunch, I hit my head on the door, wall, and edge of my bed. *applause*


Okay, stopping here. This is getting long. You guys might be getting tired and sick from the grammar fail. XDDD Talk about your 2009 too, mon amours. ^_^

… I’m betting my French is even fail.


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