Lombardi’s, an Italian restaurant at Shangri-La Mall

The first restaurant the boyfriend and I tried out this year is Lombardi’s Authentic Italian. We didn’t really plan this, but I suggested when we thought of having dinner before heading to his colleague’s yearly New Year’s party. I discovered the restaurant when I was looking for Scribe at Shangri-La Mall.

Lombardi's 20150108_190840

Lombardi's 20150108_191700

Lombardi's 20150108_190827

Food ranges from PhP300 to 800

The boyfriend and I went for pasta and pizza as we were told they’re good for sharing. Before we were served our food, our very accommodating waiter gave us bread and oil and balsamic vinegar. Either were good which was a total let down for me. I always look forward to the breads and dips served in Italian restaurants. :/ Anyway, here’s what we had:

Lombardi's 20150108_192646

Everything was served hot and fresh. The carbonara was delicious! It even has bits of mushrooms which is actually my favorite and I took nearly every bit. LOL 😀 I wish we had wine then. Our dinner would have been better, I’m sure.

Lombardi's 20150108_192630

Salame Picante (PhP375)

Lombardi's 20150108_192521

Linguine Alla Carbonara (PhP390)

I like the interiors of Lombardi’s because it’s bright and not too formal unlike most Italian restaurants here; like a mid-range restaurant. They have a somewhat fast-food feel, but they’re not. And they serve like that in a fine-dining restaurant. Lombardi’s have a good selection that are both good for solo and sharing. I find Lombardi’s not what I would say you shouldn’t miss, but good enough to try out. They have tables good for groups. Board gamers like me would enjoy that. 😉

Lombardi's 20150108_191411

Lombardi’s is located at the 4th Level, East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall. They’re open from 11AM to 9PM.

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