Lipton goodies!

A Lipton goodie bag arrived last week.

Lipton Goodies 001
Presented by Yotsuba-chan~

Lipton Goodies 002

There’s a journal, tea drink recipes, mug, lunch box, and box of Lipton Yellow Label tea (of course) just to mention some. Honestly, I drink tea as it is. I don’t add sugar nor honey. But this time I will try all the drink recipes. Since some require milk, I’ll go for non-fat because regular milk and my tummy aren’t exactly good friends.

Lipton Goodies 003

I’m not going to try the suggested tea recipes just because Lipton sent me these. Adding flavors just didn’t come into mind before. ^^;;; So, thanks for the ideas Lipton and most especially for the goodies. 😀

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