Leo at The Frisky + Skulliez

Cigarette Girl posted about her horoscope for the year. I thought I’d check mine too, since it was very interesting. ^_^


Love, partnerships and equality are all still in flux this year, as the lessons that started last year continue, bringing full-on love/hate fests with others on all levels, even lifting you to new ones you never knew existed. It seems a challenge can be a bit exhilarating when it comes to the opposite sex and finding one that is your match; this will motivate you to remake your dream love life and realize that it’s not just about “me,” but “we,” and discover that competence, reliability and getting pleasure without giving detailed instructions is possible. Of course, the biggest surprise is that when things really start to gel, you’ll see that instead of going the typical over-the-top route and needing to thicken the plot with drama, embracing the practical side of life will be what feels new, exciting and right. As you’ll learn, real life is stranger and way more fulfilling than fiction.

Hmm, what are those lessons that started last year? XD I’m not finding one that is my match. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know who is a possible match for me. *lol*

…discover that competence, reliability and getting pleasure without giving detailed instructions is possible.

I know those are possible. Except when it came to competence and reliability, I had to talk about it over and over again. ~_~ It took long before it got to the person’s head, yet it was too late. Oh well… That’s that. As for pleasure, I wonder what kind? *lol* We all know that pleasure can be given in various ways. XDDD

Drama is the last thing I want, so it will be good (for my heart and head) if my love life will go smoothly (should it happen). No shit please. Embracing the practical side of life is RIGHT. I always say that if you like someone, you should go for it! Confess, take off your clothes, or whatever. It will lessen the headache. XD If you’re unsure if you really like that someone who’s interested in you, I don’t think it’s bad to just give it a shot. Usually, that’s the only time you’ll only realize if he’s worth it or not.


Cut a deal with the demons in your head and this will make all your relationships easier.

I often think:

“There’s nothing to like about me.”

“I’m not good in anything.”

“I don’t have anyone but myself.”

Ugh, that’s why I hate thinking. >_< I am also afraid to depend on others because of what they could possibly think about me. I don’t want to be seen as weak. Well, that became my downfall. It always has been. 😐

I’m looking for a new.

Someone who can change my thinking.

I need beer. Now. XDDD

Below is an Astro Guide for Leos. The marked dates are the luckiest times for sex, relationship, etc.

January to April O_O HOW I WISH. lulz~ May & June are blank. D: Also, why is it there are relationship and romance icons? >_>

(I apologize for the quality of the pics.) Before I forget, imma blog about the skullies I have as demanded by lemonkalbo and asrai. They said I’m not giving much love to ’em. lulz~ My first Skullcandy is the GI Rasta. It’s fuckin’ cool. I was FORCED TO HAVE MY CC SWIPED as soon as I saw it. It was ♥ at first sight. I fucking wanted to marry it. *ROFLMAO* 😀 I lurve using it especially when I have to learn a song. The Skullcandy prolly won’t go as near as Bose, but it’s still good and gentler on the ears than using an ordinary or in-ear earphones. XD; If only I could bring my GI Rasta to work. I could prolly finish even the hardest tasks evarrr. LULz~

The other skullies I have are 3 Smokin’ Buds — Rasta, green and orange Ink’d. Someone asked me to buy the Rasta earphones, but I haven’t talked to her about it because she hasn’t gone to the office for personal reasons. As for the other two, I’m keeping the green earphones… Dunno what to do yet with the orange. :/

I have tried the Smokin’ Buds. All I can say is, I love the GI Rasta more. XD; I was itching to buy all the colors of Ink’d because they’re cheap and cute. XD; I could have bought ANOTHER rasta smokin’ buds, but I don’t see why I should (except for the design) when I already have the GI Rasta. I could have given it to somebody though. *lol* My brother said, “Malas niya. May rasta smokin’ buds na sana siya ngayon.” (Rough translation — he said that somebody’s unfortunate he won’t get a rasta Smokin’ Buds *lol*.)


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