Legos from Shell

Shell has this Lego promo since late this year. There are I think five racing cars, one truck, and a set of a chemist, race car driver, and what I think is a mechanic. So far, I have the latter, the truck, and Ferrari 150° Italia. I only wanted the characters set and truck, but I am now tempted to complete them all. I still have until the end of the month. *crosses fingers*

Lego Shell 001

The characters set was given to me while the race car was my purchase. 😀

Lego Shell 002

Lego Shell 003

The first I built was the three characters set

Lego Shell 004

Lego Shell 005


Lego Shell 006

Lego Shell 007

Lego Shell 008

Lego Shell 009

Lego Shell 010

Lego Shell 011

Ferrari 150° Italia

Lego Shell 012

The car has two sticker numbers — five and six — and two colors to represent each.

Lego Shell 013

I went for six and used the green piece.

Lego Shell 014

The GF2 can be tricky to use.

Lego Shell 015

Another Lego set given to me. 😀 *grateful*

Lego Shell 016

Lego Shell 017


Lego Shell 018

Finished. What a photogenic truck XD

Today I got the F4. I think I only two more to collect.

2 thoughts on “Legos from Shell

  1. I know the girl is supposed to be a chemist for the gasoline and stuff, but somehow I thought “Oi, bartender.”

    Gooow! Kaya mo yan! Ako di ko talaga magagawa haha.

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