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Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Architectural Set

I saw the Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum and Robie House sets while visiting one of his houses in Chicago. I regret not getting either when I had the chance. Sucks to be on a tight budget. Haha πŸ™

Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House

Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House
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US architect Adam Reed Tucker designed this beautiful interpretation of the Robie House with Lego. Released in 2011, it is available on Amazon and Bricklink (at exorbitant prices).

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum
Image source: Dailytonic

This accurately detailed LEGO model faithfully recreates the curves and distinctive lines that have made this building an architectural icon for the last half-century. The simple, grid-patterned facade of the annex tower complements the main building with its circular rotundas, while buildable exterior elements depict a section of New York City’s 5th Avenue Museum Mile, complete with its signature yellow cabs. The Guggenheim sign, featuring Wright’s architectural lettering, has also been recreated in a similar typeface to heighten the authenticity of the model.

The Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Lego released in 2009, but Lego re-released a second version, which is bigger too. The latter is available on Amazon for $169.95 and Bricklink.

There are two other Frank Lloyd Wright architect sets that Brick Architect covered here.


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