Late post is late lulz~

WTF. I didn’t know I still had this in my drafts! This was around the weekend after Dec. 3. Publishing this since I pity my braincells that worked on this and for the lulz~ >_>

For some reason, I felt happy yesterday. Probably because I can afford to buy bottles and bottles of beer again. *lol* I thought I was going to get the free pulutan, but I was too late. That means I have a fuckin’ LOT of things to bring home later. ~_~

So boss attorney was out for the whole day and I worked on ARISE (trying to come up with recommendations and probably additional projects for M1), the complaint of Philippines Clean Air Foundation, and the WB reimbursements while soundtripping. It’s hard to concentrate when I soundtrip as I get the urge to play the guitar. Since I don’t have a guitar at work, I always end looking at Pasig River. ^_^VVV

Haven’t gone out much lately. Last was the Lomolov3d, but meh~ I wasn’t feeling well that time. I felt like puking. But due to empty stomach, I had to keep myself from doing so. My loves kept texting me the whole night asking me to go home already. I was afraid what happened at Jaipur will happen again. I’m glad it didn’t. -_- Oh, I also had family dinner last Sunday at Marina as post-celebration of my Mom’s birthday. Ate lots to make up for hardly eating anything the day before. We had crabs, fried crablets, bucket of steamed mussels, inihaw na pusit, pork sisig, and fresh lumpia. I can’t forget the waiter who, I think, tried to get me drunk. >_> I haven’t even reached half of my bottle and he’s already asking me if I wanna order another. Is there a word ‘alcoholic’ plastered on my face? ~_~

After dinner, ‘rents went to Red Ribbon while me and my brother talked about the GI Rasta headphones. He said he saw one at Park Square. I planned on buying it in Florida, but I was too excited. We checked it out then my cc got swiped again. This is the last purchase of the month as I totally maxed out my cc.

Excuse the mess.

I think I used my cc again after the Skullcandy purchase. I forgot what I bought though. *lol* Oh man, I miss working on ARISE…


I dunno when Jaja and I will be able to finish that damn thing especially that climate change work was dumped on me and the World Bank mission for it is already NEXT WEEK. WTF. *deadorz*

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