Lace is sexy

Lily Cole gone blond

Lily Cole gone blond in Vogue France

Oh man, I think whatever Lily Cole’s wearing in that picture is pretty. Must search for a full body shot. She also looks classy which makes me ♥ her all the more.

So I have this thing for lacy clothes and lingerie. It’s not obvious in real life because I don’t wear such save for some lingerie. *lol* Laces are just sexy and classy.

I want another black bra

I want another black bra

Green rope-like dress

Unique green dress and ♥ly rings

Future lacy wedding dress

Future lacy wedding dress

That should work as a wedding dress, right? I could also put my hair up like that too.


I learned of a shop that sells this kind of skirt šŸ˜€

The shoes are lovable even. So want!

Everything she's wearing

Everything she’s wearing


I’m guessing this is VS because that’s Miranda. VS pannies are ♥.


Another one.

I find such pannies annoying when worn, but they’re still sexy :3

There. Now you know.

Here are some other lacy clothes and lingerie I like, but I don’t think I can pull off. ^^;;;


I gotta have that body first before I can wear that lingerie.

And… Look at that piercing! :9

One-piece dress and striped stockings

I might look shorter than I already am in this dress. Also,

horizontally-striped stockings would mean bigger-looking logslegs.

Tank tops like these make me look like a muscle-man šŸ˜

Once I get my salary, I gotta buy me some sexy lacy tops. Hrhr~ šŸ˜€