Koyote – Miryuhn

Is this song of Koyote Disturbance? I’m not really fluent with translating Korean, but I can read Korean characters easily. ^^;;;

As you can see, I have updated the side menu. I’m making it a point to do some changes with the site everyday. I’m glad most of you luv my layout. ^^ Of course there is Kang Ta ^.^ Who wouldn’t think the layout is luvly? *lol* J/k!!

I think I’m going to fail my Math quiz. DARN GEOLOGY! I HATE GEOLOGY! XP The assignment was a real pain in the ass. Good thing I was able to finish it in time, but my presentation sucks. I hope the prof. will show some pity. -_-

I’m off for now. I gotta check some cd’s, so I can send my list to aqrn and also post it up in for you.

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