Gloomy Bear Zipper Pull
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Kidrobot Gloomy Bear Zipper Pulls

Gloomy Bear creator, Mori Chack, and Kidrobot released 1-inch zipper pulls in a blind box collection in 2010.

Gloomy Bear Zipper Pull
Image source: Kidrobot

There were 23 Gloomy Bear Zipper Pulls to collect. I only got four because that’s what happens when you have second thoughts. Why didn’t I buy the whole display case!? πŸ™

Zipper pull box also showing all the designs

Even if I was regretful, I still found myself lucky with my blind boxes. πŸ˜€ Here they are:

Bloody Pink and Bloody Sky Blue

I used Bloody Sky Blue on my Samsung S3. Man, that phone seems ages ago. XD

Sleeper Hold
Gloomy Bear Zipper Pull
Body Blow, my most favorite of them all!

I learned the names of these deadly moves thanks to these. Hahaha! The Muzzle Harness is also cool (see Gloomy Bear on the leftmost in TOYSREVIL image above), but it still doesn’t beat Body Blow. I literally screamed in delight once I saw it.. Best.and.cutest.thing.ever!

Like the Care Bears Share-a-Bear, I bought each at half off the price.

Some opened boxes are available onΒ eBayΒ and are more expensive than the original SRP of $3.95, but none exceed $15. Well, the price is still better and more affordable than theΒ discontinued Lego. πŸ˜›Β 

Gloomy Bear’s Story

Gloomy Bear is Mori Chack’s popular antithesis to the well-known and cute characters, like Sanrio’s. The story behind Gloomy is he was an abandoned bear that was found by a boy named Pitty. Gloomy becomes wild as he grew; thus, the violence towards his supposed owner.

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