Journals and a 2012 planner

Years ago, I could write whatever I want in my blog. But things are different now. We don’t seem to be that free with what we want to say. There are those who would use your blog against you, judge you quickly, you could be cyber-bullied because of your oh-so-different opinions (but it’s a different matter if you posted something more than offensive), you could get fired for even a slight comment about work, etc. I had posts that caused a little ‘comments debate.’ I know I’m being judged right away for just a few posts. Maybe there are some who acts like a friend, but are only curious about the drama in my life. Then probably gossip about it? I wouldn’t know now, I suppose. But that’s one basis of how I am/was able to figure out who my real friends are from the blogging world. Hmm, I remember someone saying whoever you know/meet online can’t be a real friend. >_>

Anyway, I find blogging can get quite limiting already that’s why I decided to go back to writing in a journal. Yes, writing with a pen and notebook. 😛 Writing is one of my outlets, so if I can’t write everything I want in my blog then I would write in my journal.

I got an un-ruled CBTL journal last year. I wrote a lot in it and almost turned it into a scrapbook until it got thicker and heavier. LOL I eventually used Momento in my iPod, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as writing in an actual journal. I used again my CBTL journal for a while until I got a Moleskine this year. Since then, I have been looking around for journals even if I still have several unused.

Not in any order, these are some notebooks, journals and a planner I got this year:

Guitar Heroes 001 Guitar Heroes 002
Guitar Heroes

The Guitar Heroes is a three-piece notebook — plain, ruled, and with staffs — from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They were given to my Dad who then gave me two and the other to my brother.

Guitar Heroes 003

Guitar Heroes 004

Guitar Heroes 007

Guitar Heroes 008

I want the blue guitar in real life. For display only. Haha~

Three Moleskines I purchased from avalon.ph

I’m happy with the three Moleskines because they’re a lot cheaper than those in bookstores. I got the plain, squared, and New York City notebooks. The New York City notebook was a real bargain! I’m so glad and thankful it was available then. Right timing for my trip. It’s very useful because of the maps and the sections helped me figure out what I need to write about the trip. That city notebook has now turned into a journal of my “US tour.” LOL

Btw, Faber-Castell’s LV5 pen writes great on the Moleskine. It dries faster than most pens, so I hardly get smudges.

Next is a purchase from Japan Home Center.

JapKor Journal 001-002

JapKor Journal 003

JapKor Journal 004

JapKor Journal 005
Be fond of? Friend?

JapKor Journal 006

JapKor Journal 007

JapKor Journal 008

Writing spaces are small, but I still bought it for the cuteness and interesting pictures. It’s only PhP88 anyway.

Lastly, even though I use my phone for tasks and whatnot, this one made me want to use a planner again:

Moleskine Peanuts 2012 001

It’s the Moleskine Peanuts 2012 planner which I won’t open ’til next year. 🙂 Its price is no joke that it made me forget there’s the Star Wars too. =_=

Moleskine Peanuts 2012 002

That’s all of my journals worth mentioning… So far. 😛 If I didn’t buy the Peanuts 2012 Planner, all of them would have cost me only less than PhP1000 (the Guitar Heroes notebooks are, of course, not included).

I plan to allot a section of my bookcase for all my journals and planners. A lot of of my old journals and planners since high school are still with me. If our house didn’t burn down during my first or second year high school, I would also still have my “Dear Diary” ones. XD

Since I mentioned Star Wars, you have to see why I want that too.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a notebook that can do that? LOLs I really want one for the art inside. Fortunately, avalon.ph is currently having a Moleskine Star Wars giveaway. There are several simple ways to join and one of them is to write about the first time you heard about Star Wars. Here’s my story:

The first time I heard about Star Wars was from my parents. My parents and I would sometimes watch movies in the afternoon. I remember one of them was Star Wars, although I don’t recall which one we watched. I was too young to understand what the heck was going on, but it was cool enough that it’s one of the very few movies I remember from my childhood and during the glory days of Betamax.

Share your story too, so you can join avalon.ph’s Moleskine Star Wars giveaway even though today is its last day. *crosses fingers* Details are in their website.


  • Nix

    WOW. Ang dami mong notebooks. I have a “thing” for cute notebooks, I see them, I want to buy them [and sometimes I do], and then I don’t use them. IDK. I’m too lazy to write. I like the idea of having a journal/planner but I never found the will to write/plan. I prefer typing than writing.

    I admire people who write in private journals. Ang sipag nyo. Hihi. 😀
    • Shabby

      I also have a thing for cute notebooks! Those are what I don’t look for/at because they’re so tempting to buy. Then I end up not using them because they’re just too cute to use. XD; Outlet ko talaga ang pagsulat kaya may tiyaga talaga. Hehe~

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