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Joker, Soul Eater, and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Thanks, dementia, for the reply in my drama post. XD That has made me warm and happy. Fufufu~ I will need your Y!M, so I can rant to you 24/7 about my problems. XDDD *rofl* Just kidding! Anyway, thanks so much again. I also had my toys and pr0n to get my mind off things. XD

Oh well, my toys and pr0n won’t make me forever and ever satisfied. πŸ˜› Speaking of toys, I was doing some blog-hopping before the dramz. I saw this Heath Ledger as Joker figure by Hot Toys (yeah, it’s a figure… Not actually a toy “toy”… @_@;;;):

Heath Ledger as Joker 01

Heath Ledger as Joker 02

Saw these in Toyconph’s Multiply.

I want one in my room! But since I’m not such an avid fan of figures (what I really want are Gundam kits and the Yotsuba figure only), I’d rather spend the dough on film, toy camera, books, or manga. :3 I can only stare at this scary, but greatly done figure. *sighs*

I have started watching Soul Eater and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. WTH happened to Soul Eater? I really like its manga version because the art is very, very cool. But the anime art is just *bleh*. XP It’s like artists of Shaman King and the Gorillaz have joined forces for this series. ~_~ Also, why does the story seem slower than the manga? Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, on the other hand, is hilarious. XD A seemingly normal guy is married (as part of his job) to a cat-looking girl and they have 5 kids. They’re not all human though — a jellyfish, a lion, a robot, gay _son_, and a physically abused daughter. Ouka’s (the father with the task of saving the world by marrying the cat-girl) expression was hilarious seeing one of his kids is gay just when he thought he finally has a normal son. XDDD

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